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This has been a year of incredible excitement, accomplishment and change at the Ottawa Health Research Institute (OHRI). As you’ll read in the pages of this report, our researchers have made ground-breaking discoveries that are advancing our understanding of disease and improving health care. We’ve opened the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research, the Kidney Research Centre and the first phase of the Centre for Research on Age-Related Blindness. We’ve also launched several initiatives to facilitate clinical research, recruited a number of promising scientists and helped researchers throughout the institute commercialize their inventions.

As CEO and as Board Chair, we both feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute to this remarkable year and to the previous five years since the OHRI was formed. While one of us retired as CEO and Scientific Director at the end of March, we are confident and excited about the next phase of development under the leadership of our new CEO and Scientific Director Dr. Duncan Stewart. As a cardiologist and scientist with a breadth of experience in clinical and basic research, Dr. Stewart is ideally positioned to lead the OHRI to the next level. His focus on regenerative medicine complements the OHRI’s growing strength in stem cell research and his experience in translating basic discoveries into new therapies will be invaluable to many OHRI researchers going through the same process.

Over the last year, our partners have played a crucial role in our success, and we are very proud to be the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital and an affiliated institute of the University of Ottawa. The Ottawa Hospital is one of the largest academic health science centres in Canada, providing specialized care to more than one million people, while the University of Ottawa is a growing research-intensive institution often referred to as “Canada’s University”. The commitment of both partners to outstanding health research has helped the OHRI grow to include more than 1,300 members with nearly $80 million in funding, including $67 million in external grants, contracts and salary awards.

We have also received tremendous support from the community, through The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. Our research successes, and in particular, the opening of our new stem cell and vision research centres, would not have been possible without the support of so many donors who believe in a better, healthier future.

Dr. Ronald Worton
CEO and Scientific Director, Ottawa Health Research Institute
Vice-President, Research, The Ottawa Hospital
Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Jacquelin Holzman
Board Chair, Ottawa Health Research Institute

March 31, 2007


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