The Audit & Feedback MetaLab

The Audit & Feedback MetaLab

Creating shared learning and expertise on Audit & Feedback

Audit & feedback (A&F) is defined as a summary of clinical performance provided over a specified period of time, and aims to improve healthcare quality.

The A&F MetaLab website allows those using A&F and researchers in the field to connect and create shared learning across A&F laboratories around the world to increase the effectiveness of A&F.

What the A&F MetaLab offers

This website is for those involved in measuring quality indicators and feeding them back to healthcare professionals including:

  • policy makers,

  • healthcare providers,

  • intervention designers,

  • researchers

We offer a list of resources to help you design and evaluate A&F interventions and explain the theory and evidence behind the success or failure of A&F.

The A&F MetaLab is led by an international steering group of recognized researchers in the field of A&F.

Find out more about the steering group members and our mission statement.