We are the Audit & Feedback MetaLab

A group of researchers dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes by optimizing performance with Audit & Feedback (A&F)

  • The members of the A&F MetaLab are internationally recognized leaders in the field of audit and feedback.
  • They have committed their expertise to developing the A&F MetaLab and promoting the use and development of audit and feedback to improve healthcare delivery and health overall.

The mission of the A&F MetaLab is to develop an international research and healthcare community to achieve the following:

Encourage shared learning from international A&F implementation


Engage with healthcare system partners regarding their use of A&F

Provide a trusted source of evidence and recommendations for performing A&F

Develop a repository of international A&F lab members and their expertise

Encourage the promotion and uptake of A&F evidence

Synthesise evidence from the A&F implementation lab activities

Training for building research capacity and practical expertise in A&F

Develop an ongoing repository of evidence from randomised tests of refinements to A&F in the various national implementation labs

Steering Group

Dr. Robbie Foy

Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw

Dr. Sylvia Hysong

Dr. Noah Ivers

Jane London

Dr. Fabiana Lorencatto

Dr. Anne Sales

Michael Sykes

Gratianne Vaisson

Steering Group Alumni

Wouter Gude

Dr. Jill Francis


Dr. Sarah Alderson

Dr. Benjamin Brown

Dr. Sylvain Boet


Dr. Jamie Brehaut

Dr. Jan Clarkson


Dr. Heather Colquhoun

Dr. Laura Desveaux

Dr. Nicolette de Keizer

Dr. Susan Michie

2017 Beijing 5

Dr. Niels Peek


Dr. Justin Presseau


Dr. Monica Taljaard


Dr. Holly Witteman