Centre for Implementation Research

The Centre for Implementation Research (CIR) focuses on developing and applying Implementation Science in health-care settings to improve health-care and health. 

Our research is local, regional, national and international in scope and involves collaborations with stakeholders and knowledge users at each level in key healthcare priority areas.

Our members have academic expertise spanning:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Health services
  • Research
  • Health economics
  • Knowledge translation science
  •  Medical sociology
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Population health
  • Statistics

Our members harness and develop contemporary approaches to develop and evaluate multilevel practice-changing research targeting health-care systems, health-care providers, patients and the general public.

Our team has particular expertise in:

  • Decision-making and decision aids
  • Health economic analyses (person-level and model-based approaches)
  • Health-care professional and patient behaviour change
  • Intervention evaluation (randomized trials and quasi-experiments)
  • Knowledge syntheses of theories and knowledge translation/implementation strategies (complex interventions)
  • Medical education
  • Theory-based identification of barriers and facilitators to change (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Theory-based intervention development
  • Theory-based process evaluation alongside trials
  • Theory-based process evaluation alongside trials

The Centre for Implementation Research is committed to training through delivering courses and workshops, and supervising and mentoring the next generation of leaders in the field.

We operate within the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Ottawa (Canada), and are located primarily at the purpose-built Centre for Practice-Changing Research. Our Centre is affiliated with the University of Ottawa and works closely with the Ottawa Methods Centre and the Knowledge Synthesis Group.