Centre for Implementation Research

Postdoctoral Fellows

Justine Baron
Email: jbaron@ohri.ca
Tel: 613- 798-5555 x 73811
Research interests: self-management and self-care, design and evaluation of complex interventions, behavior change, knowledge translation, telehealth, intervention fidelity
Project title: The design of a skin care intervention for pressure ulcer prevention in people with a spinal cord injury
CIR Mentor: Jeremy Grimshaw
Janet Jull
Tel: 613-327-0087
Email: jjull013@uottawa.ca
Research interests: community partnered research, shared decision making, integrated knowledge translation, ethics, equity
Project title: Tailoring and field-testing the implementation of a knowledge translation peer support shared decision making strategy to facilitate participation of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in decisions about their cancer care
CIR mentor: Ian Graham
Sathya Karunananthan
Email: sathya.karunananthan@mail.mcgill.ca
Research interests: epidemiology, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, replication, aging, physical function, frailty
Project title: 1. Living review of diabetes quality improvement strategies; 2. When should systematic reviews be replicated and when is it wasteful?
CIR Mentors: Jeremy Grimshaw
Alvin Li
Email: alvin.li@lhsc.on.ca
Research interests: design and evaluation of complex interventions, behavior change, knowledge translation, organ donation, administrative database research
Project title: Developing and testing an intervention to increase registration for deceased organ donation in family physician offices
CIR Mentor: Jeremy Grimshaw
Nicola McCleary
Email: nmccleary@ohri.ca
Tel: 613-737-8899 ext. 75082
Links: LinkedIn ResearchGate Google Scholar Orcid ID Twitter
Research interests: Health Psychology; Behavioural Science; Health Services Research; Implementation Science; dual process theories; healthcare professional decision-making and behaviour; design and evaluation of interventions to change healthcare professional behaviour; process evaluation; systematic reviews
Project titles: 1. Testing feedback message framing and comparators to address prescribing of high-risk medications in nursing homes: theory-based process evaluation alongside a pragmatic, factorial, cluster-randomized trial. 2. Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of the Ottawa Depression Algorithm in primary care: an implementation diagnostic study.
CIR Mentors: Justin Presseau, Jeremy Grimshaw

PhD Students

Sayna Bahreini
Email: sbahr080@uottawa.ca
Research interests: Knowledge translation, Palliative care, Spiritual care
Project: Implementing an approach for screening spiritual suffering and evaluating outcomes of the implementation
CIR Supervisor: Ian Graham
Laura Boland
Tel: 613-737-8899 x 73818
Email: lbola072@uottawa.ca
Research interests: shared decision making in pediatric clinical practice, knowledge transfer to patients and caregivers, implementation science.
Project title: Factors influencing implementation of shared decision making in pediatric clinical practice: a mixed-methods approach
CIR Supervisor: Dawn Stacey
Kristin Danko
Tel: 613-737-8899 x 73816
Email: kdanko@ohri.ca
Research interests: systematic reviews, meta analyses, complex interventions, taxonomies
Project title: What is clinician education in diabetes quality improvement, how is it being evaluated, and how can it be improved?
CIR Supervisor: Jeremy Grimshaw
Valerie Fiset
Tel: 613-727-4723 x 6011
Email: fisetv@algonquincollege.com
Research interests: nursing education; integrated knowledge translation; evidence-based practice, palliative care; symptom management
Project title: Nursing students’ use of guidelines for symptom management: Context and influencing factors
CIR Supervisor: Ian Graham
Chantelle Garritty
Tel: 613-737-8899 x 73931
Email: cgarritty@ohri.ca
Research interests: rapid reviews methodology; information-packaging mechanisms used to convey health research information to decision-makers; innovative knowledge synthesis methods
Project title: Facilitating the Use and Uptake of Rapid Reviews
CIR Supervisor: David Moher
Krystina B. Lewis
Email: kblewis@ottawaheart.ca
Research interests: shared decision-making, decision support interventions, integrated knowledge translation, mixed methods research
Project title: development and evaluation of decision support for patients to accept or decline ICD replacement at the time of battery depletion: A multi-methods study (4D-ICD)
CIR Supervisor: Dawn Stacey
Claire Ludwig
Email: cludw086@uottawa.ca
Research interests: patient engagement, nursing leadership, managerial evidence-informed decision-making, homecare research, implementation of innovations into practice/organizations, cancer symptom management
Project title: an examination of the factors influencing nursing leadership and patient engagement
CIR supervisor: Dawn Stacey
Ibo MacDonald
Email: ibarb062@uottawa.ca
Research interests: knowledge translation/implementation research; sustainability; guidelines; long-term care
Project title: Exploring the sustainability of best practice guidelines in best practice spotlight organizations in Ontario residential long-term care facilities
CIR supervisors: Janet Squires, Ian Graham
Kelly J Mrklas
Tel: 403-944-5517
Email: kelly.mrklas@ahs.ca
Research interests: integrated knowledge translation, implementation science/practice, knowledge synthesis
Project title: Understanding integrated knowledge translation research in partnership funded teams: researcher, knowledge user and funder perspectives
CIR Supervisor: Ian Graham
Letitia Nadalin Penno
Email: lnada006@uottawa.ca
Tel: 705- 474-7600 x 5244
Research interests: sustainability of evidence-based practice (EBP) in tertiary care, individual determinants of sustained EBP, contextual determinants of sustained EBP, compassion fatigue
Project title: Analysis of sustainability models/frameworks/ theories; empirical study related to sustained use of an EBP
Supervisor: Janet Squires
Larissa Shamseer
Email: lshamseer@ohri.ca
Tel : 613-737-8899 x73930
Research interests: reporting guideline development, Implementation strategies for improving reporting and transparency of research, characterizing the features, content, and impact of predatory journals, systematic review methods
Project title: improving the reporting and development of systematic review protocols
CIR Supervisors: David Moher, Jeremy Grimshaw
Intissar Souli
Email: isoul098@uottawa.ca
Research interests: qualitative research, systematic review, mental health
Project title: Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators to using violence Risk Assessment in Mental Health Professionals.
CIR Supervisor: Dawn Stacey
Adrienne Stevens
Email: adstevens@ohri.ca
Research Interests: systematic reviews and other knowledge synthesis types; diagnostic test accuracy; clinical practice guidelines; reporting of healthcare research
Project title: empirical evidence in relation to the completeness of reporting of rapid reviews
CIR Supervisor: David Moher
Xiaoqin Wang
Email: xiaowang@ohri.ca
Research interests: systematic reviews, knowledge translation, methodology of practice guideline, GRADE, reporting guidelines
Project title: 1. An implementation science based approach to increase diabetic retinopathy screening attendance by people living with diabetes in ethnocultural minority settings; 2. Nutrition systematic review
CIR Supervisor: Jeremy Grimshaw
Arielle Weir
Email: aweir@ohri.ca
Research interests: diagnosis of asthma, spirometry, barriers to spirometry use
Project title: Over diagnosis of asthma in Canadian communities – factors contributing to misdiagnosis and methods to improve current practice.
CIR Supervisor: Jeremy Grimshaw
Brianne Wood
Email: bwood096@uottawa.ca
Research interests: patient preferences, decision aids, cancer screening, statistical modelling
Project title: Woman-centered cervical screening: identifying women’s preferences and factors related to their preferences in cervical cancer screening
CIR Supervisor: Ian Graham

MSC Students

Laura Aloisio
Email: laloi075@uottawa.ca
Research interests: knowledge translation/implementation research; leadership; long-term care
Project title: Modeling the determinants of professional nurse job satisfaction in residential long-term care
CIR supervisor: Janet Squires
Freya Crawley
Email: fcraw087@uottawa.ca
Research interests: survivorship, cardiac-oncology, symptom practice guides
Project title: Supporting cancer survivors in self-management
CIR supervisor: Dawn Stacey
Madison Foster
Email: madfoster@ohri.ca
Research interests: Audit & Feedback, Systematic Reviews, Behaviour change interventions
Project title: Evaluation of feedback interventions for the reduction of inappropriate laboratory tests and transfusions in intensive care units.
CIR Supervisors: Jamie Brehaut, Justin Presseau
Nicole Graham
Email: ndaig058@uottawa.ca
Research interests: barriers assessments, provider reminders, monitoring knowledge use.
Project title: Understanding the determinants of adult intensive care unit nurses' use of daily sedation interruptions for mechanically ventilated patients.
CIR supervisors: Janet Squires, Ian Graham
Faizan Khan
Email: fakhan@ohri.ca
Research interests: health technology assessment, pharmacoepidemiology, venous Thrombosis
Project title: Cost-effectiveness of indefinite versus short-term anticoagulation for the prevention of recurrent venous thromboembolism in unprovoked venous thromboembolism patients
CIR Supervisor: Kednapa Thavorn
Sameh Mortazhejri
Email: smort027@uottawa.ca
Research interests: behavior change, consumer-oriented interventions, non-clinical interventions.
Project title: Patient-oriented interventions to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections in primary care setting.
CIR supervisor: Jeremy Grimshaw
Mohammed Mousa
Email: mmous027@uottawa.ca
Research Interests: nursing economics, nursing education, nursing empowerment
Project title: A systematic review of direct and indirect costs of nurse turnover in hospital and nursing long-term care facilities
CIR Supervisor: Kednapa Thavorn
Alison Ruiz
Email: alisonruiz@gmail.com
Research Interests: nurse behaviour; critical care nursing
Project title: Job satisfaction among critical care nurses: a systematic review of contributing factors, individual and organizational
CIR supervisor: Janet Squires
Melissa Demery Varin
Email: mdeme048@uottawa.ca
Research interests: knowledge translation/implementation research; systematic reviews; nursing education; surgical-oncology research; perioperative fasting
Project title: Modeling the Predictors of Nurse Research Utilization in Canadian Residential Long-Term Care Facilities
CIR supervisor: Janet Squires

Note: CIR mentors/supervisors collaborate locally, nationally, and internationally with other scientists to mentor or supervise trainees.