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Clinical Research Week!

October 17-21, 2016

Clinical Research Training Workshops
October 17, 2016

"Providing the tools for effective clinical research"

Monday's workshops include:

  • Coordinating Pragmatic Trials
  • Innovative Consent
  • Developing Clinical Case Report Forms
  • Budgets & Project Management
  • Multi-Centre Trial Coordination
  • Mobile Health – Lessons Learned, REB and Privacy
  • Tips for Smooth Clinical Trial Agreement Negotiations

Thursday October 20th lecture series:

  • Big Data
  • Translational Research – Bed to Bench
  • Suicide prevention in men using a smartphone app
  • Implementing patient engagement

Celebrating Clinical Research

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Clinical Research Week 2016: Full Day of Workshops – Monday Oct 17

Time Slot Workshop Topic Workshop Leader(s)
Coordinating Pragmatic Trials Sasha Mazzarello and Carol Stober
Innovative Consent Jamie Brehaut
Multi-Centre Trials Penny Phillips and Josee Champagne
Coordinating Pragmatic Trials
Sasha Mazzarello and Carol Stober
Innovative Consent
Jamie Brehaut
Multi-Centre Trials
Penny Phillips and Josee Champagne
12:00-1:00 Lunch
Data Sharing / Predatory Journals Kelly Cobey
Developing Clinical Case Report Forms Roxanne Ward
Budgets/Project Management Marc Venturi
Mobile Health – Research kit, getting recruitment/Lessons learned REB and Privacy Katherine Atkinson
Science and the media Jenn Ganton
Contracts: What you need to know Alex Verrilli

Clinical Research Week 2016: Morning of Lectures – Thursday Oct 20

Time Slot Topic Speaker
8:30-9:00 Keynote Address: What’s Happening at TOH? Quality Improvement from Bench to Bedside and Back Again Dean Fergusson
9:00-9:40 Big Data Doug Manuel
9:40-10:20 Translational Research – Bed to Bench Marc Avey
10:20-10:40 Break
10:40-11:20 Mobile apps: Suicide prevention in men Simon Hatcher
11:20-12:00 Knowledge Translation component of implementing patient engagement – Behavior change and implementation Justin Presseau
12:00-12:15 Wrap-up Dean Fergusson

Clinical Research Week 2016 - Investigator Morning – Tuesday Oct 18

  • When: 8:15 – 12:30, followed by lunch
  • Location: Royal Room, General Campus
Time Slot Topic Speaker
8:15-9:00 Patient Engagement Tools Andreas Laupacis
9:00-9:45 Patient Perspective Frank Gavin
9:45-10:00 Break
10:00-10:20 Pragmatic Trials Dean Fergusson
9:40-11:00 REaCT – an example of a Pragmatic Trial program at OHRI Marc Clemons
11:00-11:45 The Ethics of Pragmatic Trials Charles Weijer and Monica Taljaard
11:45-12:30 The Benefits of High-Quality Data Peter Juni

OHRI Nursing and Interprofessional Health Provider Research Day

  • When: Wednesday, October, 19, 2016
  • Location: Civic campus, Kaminski Room
Time Slot Topic Speaker
0800-0815 (15 min) Registration
0815-0820 (5 min) Welcome NRWG Co-Chairs: Jennifer Bennett & Sophia Gocan
0820-920 (60 min) Panel: Prevalence Studies and Chart Reviews Panel: Lisa Freeman, Alanna Keenan & Janice Bissonnette
0920-1020 (60 min) Ontario strategy for patient-oriented research/Methods Centre Zarah Monfaredi
1020-1035 (15 min) Break (Refreshments provided)
1035 -1125 (50 min) Decision Coaching and Support Laura Boland
1125-1145 (20 min) Best Practices in Record Keeping and Requirements for Conduct of Research at TOH Lynn Gagne
1145-1245 (60 min) Lunch on own
1245-1345 (60 min) Knowledge Translation Dr. Janet Squires
1345-1415 (30 min) The Ethics Review Process Amy Geertsma
1415-1430 (15 min) Break
1430-1550 (80 min) Publications Tools and Resources - Skill Development Workshop Kelly Cobey
1550-1600 (10 min) Wrap Up and Evaluations NRWG Co-Chairs: Jennifer Bennett & Sophia Gocan