Emergency Medicine Research Group


November 22, 2017- Emergency medicine pioneer receives Health Research Foundation Medal of Honour
November 22, 2017- Need a CT scan for a head injury? Ottawa rule now included in app
November 13, 2017- When is a headache a sign of a deadly brain bleed? Ottawa rule could improve diagnosis and save lives
August 10, 2017- Monitoring catches fainting patient’s irregular heartbeat
July 6, 2017- Emergency medicine group wins national awards
April 20, 2017- Ottawa emergency physicians receive $2.65 M for heart arrhythmia research
March 16, 2017- Ottawa Heart Failure Risk Scale could save lives and reduce adverse events
January 30, 2017- Rule could take 1/3 of chest pain patients off emergency department heart monitors
October 12, 2016- Ottawa researchers take the lead in reducing unnecessary procedures in emergency department
July 4, 2016- When is fainting a sign of a bigger problem?
June 29, 2016- Bringing the beat back: $900k grant to help researchers compare fixes for rapid heartbeat
June 8, 2016- Researchers and support staff recognized at The Ottawa Hospital’s Excellence Awards ceremony
May 9, 2016- Does this ankle need an X-ray? There’s an app for that
January 20, 2016- $3M research initiative aims to improve survival after cardiac arrest and trauma
January 13, 2016- Top medical journal recognizes practice-changing research at The Ottawa Hospital
January 13, 2016- When is fainting a sign of a bigger problem? $730,000 grant to help researchers find out
December 22, 2015- Ambitious research initiative aims to significantly increase Canadian survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest
November 26, 2015- CPR by medics: Keep pumping or stop for rescue breathing?
November 12, 2015- Dr. Ian Stiell leads the country in emergency medicine research, with $2.1M CIHR grant
October 14, 2015- Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule could save $25 Million in Ontario
June 30, 2015- $1.5M grant could improve care for trauma patients and save $10M per year
April 1, 2015- Tender Loving Research saving lives of people with cardiac arrest
February 18, 2015- Ottawa COPD Risk Scale could save Ontario $115M over 3 years
April 15, 2014- U.S. emergency rooms adopting made-in-Ottawa diagnostic procedures
February 18, 2014- New tool identifies high-risk lung patients: Ottawa COPD Risk Scale
September 25, 2013- New clinical decision rule could reduce misdiagnosis of deadly brain bleeding
January 26, 2012- Ottawa Hospital researchers help launch two new clinical trials to evaluate CPR and drugs after sudden cardiac arrest
August 31, 2011- World’s largest cardiac arrest trial shows longer period of initial CPR by paramedics and firefighters provides no benefit
November 18, 2009- Improving care for people with neck injuries: Ottawa hospital-led study paves the way for worldwide adoption of Canadian C-Spine Rule
March 26, 2009- The NHLBI halts study of concentrated saline for patients with shock due to lack of survival benefit
April 21, 2008- Massive Ontario paramedic study shows Basic Life Support as good as Advanced Life Support for patients with major trauma
May 24, 2007- Respiratory treatment by paramedics crucial, study says (external link)
May 23, 2007- Advanced paramedic care for respiratory distress saves lives, according to world’s largest study
March 27, 2007- More energy better when multiple shocks required to restart the heart
September 6, 2006- University of Ottawa supports health research through creation of three new Chairs:
University Health Research Chairs will support research in emergency medicine, neuromuscular disorders, and gene regulation
August 1, 2006- Focus on emergency medicine research
May 18, 2006- Ottawa cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhage studies to be presented at international conference
March 24, 2006- Improving survival from cardiac arrest and severe trauma is at the heart of "ROC": The new launched Canada-U.S. Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium
September 22, 2005- Teach CPR to spouses, neighbours of likely heart attack victims: expert: Chance of survival increases four-fold with immediate action, conference hears