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Welcome to The Centre for Journalology

Journalology is the science of publication practices and the study of these activities. Our group conducts research and gives outreach on a wide range of journalology topics. The Centre for Journalology is based in the Methods Centre of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and operates under the leadership of Dr. David Moher. Our goal is to help enhance the reporting quality of research in order to increase the value of biomedical research.



Predatory journals

Our team is active studying predatory journals. Predatory journals operate with self-interest in mind. They do not value publication ethics or best practice. Our research on predatory journals looks to: 1) establish a clear definition of what predatory journals are; 2) understand how predatory journals operate; 3) develop solutions (e.g. tools, policy) to stop predatory journals.

Reporting Guidelines

Reporting guidelines are checklists of essential information to report in a manuscript. There are different types of reporting guidelines for different formats of research. Our team works to develop and update reporting guidelines including CONSORT, SPIRIT, PRISMA, PRISMA-P, and STARD. We also evaluate the implementation and uptake of reporting guidelines.

Research(er) Assessment

Our team is looking at ways we might re-evaluate how we evaluate researchers and research outputs. Examples of ongoing work include an assessment of criteria for tenure and promotion, and work looking to develop, implement, and monitor improved metric systems.

Stay in the know about journalology

Our Centre has created a series of resources for researchers. These resources will help support researchers publishing transparently, ethically, and openly. The resources are targeted to OHRI-based researchers, but are likely to be broadly applicable to biomedical researchers. 


Centre for Journalology Speaker Series

Dr. Stefanie Haustein

October 30th, 2019


Dr. An-wen Chan

January 29th, 2020


Dr. Ivan Oransky

March 5th, 2020

EQUATOR Canada Publication School

November 20th-21st, 2019

University of Ottawa – Alta Vista Campus, Peter Morand Building 850 Peter Morand Crescent Room 124

Team Members



OHRI serves as the EQUATOR Canada host site. The focus of the Canadian EQUATOR Centre is on initiatives that have relevant downstream consequences for the conduct and reporting of biomedical research.                                                                                     


COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)

OHRI/uOttawa are serving as COPE pilot research institutions. Research institutions are often the location where publication transgressions first occur – institutions, journals, and editors need to work together to maintain publication best practices.