Centre for Journalology

Publications Officer

Dr. Kelly Cobey serves as the OHRI Publications Officer. In this role she supports OHRI and TOH based researchers in preparing, submitting, and publishing their research. You can contact Dr. Kelly Cobey, to book a consultation meeting, or with any questions related to the publication process.

What types of questions and concerns does the Publications Officer deal with?

Any questions related to the publication process are relevant to the remit of the Publications Officer role. Common topics the Publications Officer provides outreach on include:

  • Authorship (e.g., knowing who should be an author on a manuscript, advising on how to resolve authorship conflicts, educating on ICMJE authorship criteria and internal authorship policies)
  • Predatory journals, publishers and media requests (e.g., knowing how to identify and avoid submission to a predatory outlet, vetting journals or outlets for work, advising on how to manage inadvertent submissions to predatory journals)

  • Open access (e.g., Advising on internal resources for open access publishing, guidance on available open access repositories such as RUOR, guidance on sharing data)

  • Metrics (e.g., how to gauge your research impact, how to calculate your H-index and altmetrics for papers)

  • Publication Ethics (e.g., how to appropriately declare conflicts of interest, how to ensure transparency of reporting)

  • Selecting a journal and navigating the submission process (e.g., deciding where to submit, writing a cover letter to the editor, writing a rebuttal letter to reviews)

  • Reporting Guidelines and writing tools (e.g., instructing on where to find, and how to use, standardized reporting guidelines to be compliant with publisher, journal and funding mandates

  • Questions or further explanation of resources on the Centre for Journalology website

Topics not within the remit of the Publications Officer:

Research ethics (e.g., Questions pertaining to the ethics of the design and conduct of your study; you should contact the REB or your approving body with any of these concerns). Research integrity bringing forward concerns related to responsible conduct of research, including those related to funding, or issues of concern related to reporting; you should consult the Responsible Conduct of Research Policy, or contact Kim Adams directly. Writing and editing manuscripts (While the Publications Officer can support authors in writing research reports, and guide them to tools and reporting guidelines, actual drafting, writing, or editing of manuscripts is not within the remit of the role)  

What does it cost to consult with the Publications Officer?

The services of the Publications Officer are currently free to all OHRI and TOH researchers, staff, physicians, fellows and students.


What should I expect at my meeting?

Discussions or calls with the Publications Officer are kept confidential, unless information is disclosed that the Publications Officer has a duty to report. Examples of such disclosures include issues of scientific integrity or misconduct. For the purpose of tracking the Publications Officer role, and establishing a database of frequently asked questions to generate outreach on, a record of the questions and outcomes of each consultation will be kept.

Booking a consult with the Publications Officer: