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The KS Group recognizes "the science of systematic reviews" as a nexus of excellence

Evidence-based medicine aims to identify, critically appraise, and apply the best available evidence in making decisions about the care of people. An evidence-based approach applies a rigorous, systematic methodology to this process ensuring the evidence applied is relevant and of high quality.

Due to the volume of medical literature many clinicians rely on reviews of the evidence to keep abreast of relevant information. Systematic reviews summarize the results of evidence based healthcare, and are available to clinicians, policy decision makers, and patients. The use of explicit, systematic methods limits bias (systematic errors) and reduces random errors (simple mistakes) providing reliable results from which conclusions may be drawn and decisions made.

Meta-analysis is the use of statistical methods to summarize the results of independent studies. When used appropriately, meta-analysis can provide more precise and valid estimates of the effects of healthcare than those derived from the individual studies included in a review. 

Research Services

The KS Group provides professional research services to the highest level of scientific integrity and ethical standards - every project receives the benefit of our team's expertise.