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Bland-Altman and Correlation Analysis

Open source tool for plotting Bland-Altman and Correlation plots and performing statistical analysis.


An interactive image viewer for 3D and 4D data. It is intended for visualization and interaction with tomographic medical images. The 4th dimension can represent time, phase, energy or any other image component. Time-activity curves of the user selected pixel are displayed and the plot can be used specify the time range to summarize and display. Fused image overlay with a second volume (3D) image and mesh intersection contours are optional features.
Input argument can be used to customize/initialize the display. Callback function can used to integrate the viewer into custom applications. The viewer can be called in wait-for-close or continue-execution mode.
Demo call functions and data are included in the package along with instructions.


This interactive image viewer is intended to explore multi-frame tomographic medical image data consisting of 3 spatial domains and a 4th domain (e.g. time, phase, energy). 

Input argument can be used to initialize the display. A callback function can be specified to trigger on pixel selection.

Can be run in wait-for-close mode, in which the user can select a cropped volume, 2D slices, and a range of time frames (4th dimension). VolumeViewer was intended as an alternative to View4D, but has less functionality and hasn't been as popular.

DICOM Convert Server

Reading DICOM image series into Matlab can be challenging due to a lack of standardized format among vendors and can be slow. The DICOM Convert Server is a free executable that monitors an incoming directory and converts DICOM series into a single matlab (.mat) file containing the image volume and header information. Detailed instruction are included in the accompanying manual.