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Hsiao-Huei Chen, PhD


Extra maternal care prevents brain inflammation and reduces anxiety in mice
September 22, 2017 - New research led by Dr. Hsiao-Huei Chen reveals that a protein called IRF2BP2 plays an important role in ...
Research suggests new anti-inflammatory approach for treating stroke
July 28, 2017 - Every 10 minutes, someone in Canada suffers a stroke, usually because of a clot blocking blood flow to the brain. While lack of blood is the first thing ...
Do the body’s own marijuana-like compounds play a role in schizophrenia? $150,000 grant will help researchers find out.
June 1, 2016 - Dr. Hsiao-Huei Chen was awarded $150,000 from the Ontario Mental Health Foundation to test whether blocking ...
Research solves mystery of genetic risk factor for heart disease
November 4, 2015 - A study led by Drs. Hsiao-Huei Chen and
Novel genetic variant affects inflammation and may increase heart disease risk by 50%
August 26, 2015 - Inflammation can help the body fight infection, clean up damaged tissue and heal injuries, but too much inflammation can contribute to problems such as plaque ...
Drug to control appetite could also fight anxiety: Ottawa study
March 5, 2015 - Did you know that our body produces its own marijuana-like compound to protect us against anxiety? A study led by Ottawa researchers