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John Kowal, Ph.D., C.Psych.
613-737-7350 x 75564


Selected Publications

Kowal, J., Wilson, K. G., Henderson, P. R., & McWilliams, L. A. (2014). Change in Suicidal Ideation Following Interdisciplinary Treatment of Chronic Pain. Clinical Journal of Pain, 30, 463-471.

Emery, P. C., Wilson, K. G., & Kowal, J. (2014). Major Depressive Disorder and Sleep Disturbance in Patients With Chronic Pain: A Prospective Study. Pain Research & Management, 19, 35-41.

Wilson, K. G., Kowal, J., Henderson, P. H., McWilliams, L. A., & Péloquin, K. (2013). Brief Report: Chronic Pain and the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide. Rehabilitation Psychology, 58, 111-115.

Kowal, J., Wilson, K. G., McWilliams, L. A., Péloquin, K., & Duong, D. (2012). Self-perceived burden in chronic pain: Relevance, prevalence, and predictors. PAIN, 153, 1735-1741.

McWilliams, L. A., Dick, B. D., Bailey, K., Verrier, M. J., & Kowal, J. (2012). A Psychometric Evaluation of the Pain Response Preference Questionnaire in a Chronic Pain Sample. Health Psychology, 31, 343-351.

Kowal, J., Swenson, J. R., Aubry, T., Davis Marchand, H., & MacPhee, C. (2011). Improving Access to Acute Mental Health Services in a General Hospital. Journal of Mental Health, 20, 5-14.

Kowal, J., Overduin, L., Balfour, L., Tasca, G. A., Corace, K., & Cameron, D. W. (2008). The Role of Psychological and Behavioral Variables in Quality of Life and the Experience of Bodily Pain Among Persons Living with HIV. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 36, 247-258.