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Michael Rudnicki, OC, PhD, FRSC

Administrative Assistant
Sandy Martino
613-737-8899 ext 76330


Selected Publications

Seale, P., Sabourin, L.A., Girgis-Gabardo, A., Mansouri, A., Gruss, P., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2000). Pax7 is required for the specification of myogenic satellite cells. Cell 102:777-786. 

Kuang, S., Kuroda, K., Le Grand, F., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2007). Asymmetric self-renewal and commitment of satellite stem cells in muscle. Cell 129:999-1010. 

Le Grand, F., Jones, A.E., Seale, V., Scime, A., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2009). Wnt7a activates the planar cell polarity pathway to drive the symmetric expansion of satellite stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 4:535-547. 

Yin, H., Pasut, A., Soleimani, V.D., Bentzinger, C.F., Antoun, G., Thorn, S., Seale, P., Fernando, P., van Ijcken, W., Grosveld, F., Dekemp, R.A., Boushel, R., Harper, M.E., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2013). MicroRNA-133 controls brown adipose determination in skeletal muscle satellite cells by targeting Prdm16. Cell Metabolism17:210-224.

Price, F.D., von Maltzahn, J., Bentzinger, C.F., Dumont, N.A., Yin, H., Chang, N.C., Wilson, D.H, Frenette, J., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2014). Inhibition of JAK/STAT signaling stimulates adult satellite cell function. Nature Medicine doi: 10.1038/nm.3655. [Epub ahead of print].

McKinnell, I.W., Ishibashi, J., Le Grand, F., Punch, V.G., Addicks, G.C., Greenblatt, J.F., Dilworth, F.J., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2008). Pax7 activates myogenic genes by recruitment of a histone methyltransferase complex. Nature Cell Biology 10:77-84.

Soleimani, V.D., Yin, H., Jahani-Asl, A., Ming, H., Kockx, C.E., van Ijcken, W.F., Grosveld, F., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2012). Snail regulates MyoD binding-site occupancy to direct enhancer switching and differentiation-specific transcription in myogenesis. Molecular Cell 47:457-468.

von Maltzahn, J., Bentzinger, C.F., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2012). Wnt7a-Fzd7 signalling directly activates the Akt/mTOR anabolic growth pathway in skeletal muscle. Nature Cell Biology 14:186-191.

Kawabe, Y., Wang, Y.X., McKinnell, I.W., Bedford, M.T., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2012). Carm1 regulates Pax7 transcriptional activity through MLL1/2 recruitment during asymmetric satellite stem cell divisions. Cell Stem Cell 11:333-345.

Bentzinger, C.F., Wang, Y.X., von Maltzahn, J., Soleimani, V.D., Yin, H., and Rudnicki, M.A. (2013). Fibronectin regulates Wnt7a signaling and satellite cell expansion. Cell Stem Cell 12:75-87. 

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