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Peter Tugwell, O.C., MD, FRCPC
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Lavis JN, Tugwell P., 2015 2015-12-01, David Sackett's Unintended Impacts on Health Policy., MILBANK Q, 93, 4, 867-870

Tugwell PS, Maxwell LJ, Beaton DE, Busse JW, Christensen R, Conaghan PG, Simon LS, Terwee C, Tovey D, Wells GA, Williamson P., 2015 2015-10-01, Dialogue on Developing Consensus on Measurement and Presentation of Patient-important Outcomes, Using Pain Outcomes as an Exemplar, in Systematic Reviews: A Preconference Meeting at OMERACT 12., J RHEUMATOL, 42, 10, 1931-1933

Taylor AM, Phillips K, Taylor JO, Singh JA, Conaghan PG, Choy EH, Tugwell PS, Kaiser U, Strand V, Simon LS, Mease PJ., 2015 2015-10-01, Is Chronic Pain a Disease in Its Own Right? Discussions from a Pre-OMERACT 2014 Workshop on Chronic Pain., J RHEUMATOL, 42, 10, 1947-1953

Phillips K, Taylor A, Mease PJ, Simon LS, Conaghan PG, Choy EH, Singh JA, Strand V, Gossec L, Kaiser U, de Wit M, Ostelo R, Maxwell L, Tugwell PS., 2015 2015-10-01, Harmonizing Pain Outcome Measures: Results of the Pre-OMERACT Meeting on Partnerships for Consensus on Patient-important Pain Outcome Domains Between the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group and OMERACT., J RHEUMATOL, 42, 10, 1943-1946

Christensen R, Maxwell LJ, J√ľni P, Tovey D, Williamson PR, Boers M, Goel N, Buchbinder R, March L, Terwee CB, Singh JA, Tugwell P., 2015 2015-10-01, Consensus on the Need for a Hierarchical List of Patient-reported Pain Outcomes for Metaanalyses of Knee Osteoarthritis Trials: An OMERACT Objective., J RHEUMATOL, 42, 10, 1971-1975

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