Réjean Munger, PhD


Affiliate Investigator, Regenerative Medicine, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Clifford, Gladys and Lorna J. Wood Chair for Research in Vision

Most Recent Publications (provided by The Ottawa Hospital Library Database)

Ascherio A;Munger KL;White R;Kochert K;Simon KC;Polman CH;Freedman MS;Hartung HP;Miller DH;Montalban X;Edan G;Barkhof F;Pleimes D;Radu EW;Sandbrink R;Kappos L;Pohl C;, (2014 Jan 20), Vitamin D as an Early Predictor of Multiple Sclerosis Activity and Progression, JAMA Neurol , -> view abstract

Wassmer S;Beddaoui M;Rajai P;Munger R;Tsilfidis C;, (2013), A focus on the optical properties of the regenerated newt lens, PLoS One, Vol.8, Issue 8, e70845 -> view abstract

Mossey PA;Shaw WC;Munger RG;Murray JC;Murthy J;Little J;, (2011 May), Global oral health inequalities: challenges in the prevention and management of orofacial clefts and potential solutions, Adv Dent Res, Vol.23, Issue 2, 247-258 -> view abstract

LeBlanc SE;Atanya M;Burns K;Munger R;, (2011 Apr 21), Quantitative impact of small angle forward scatter on whole blood oximetry using a Beer-Lambert absorbance model, Analyst, Vol.136, Issue 8, 1637-1643 -> view abstract

Almahmoud T;Priest D;Munger R;Jackson WB;, (2011), Correlation between Refractive Error, Corneal Power and Thickness In a Large Population with a Wide Range of Ametropia, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, Vol.52, Issue 3, 1235-1242 -> view abstract

Fagerholm P;Lagali NS;Merrett K;Jackson WB;Munger R;Liu Y;Polarek JW;Soderqvist M;Griffith M;, (2010 Aug 25), A biosynthetic alternative to human donor tissue for inducing corneal regeneration: 24-month follow-up of a phase 1 clinical study, Sci Transl Med, Vol.2, Issue 46, 46ra61 -> view abstract

Liu W;Deng C;McLaughlin CR;Fagerholm P;Lagali NS;Heyne B;Scaiano JC;Watsky MA;Kato Y;Munger R;Shinozaki N;Li F;Griffith M;, (2009 Mar), Collagen-phosphorylcholine interpenetrating network hydrogels as corneal substitutes, Biomaterials, Vol.30, Issue 8, 1551-1559 -> view abstract

Merrett K;Fagerholm P;McLaughlin CR;Dravida S;Lagali N;Shinozaki N;Watsky MA;Munger R;Kato Y;Li F;Marmo CJ;Griffith M;, (2008 Sep), Tissue-engineered recombinant human collagen-based corneal substitutes for implantation: performance of type I versus type III collagen, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol.49, Issue 9, 3887-3894 -> view abstract

Note: This is not a complete list of publications. More publications may be available in The Ottawa Hospital Library database and Pubmed (search by last name and initials).