Clinical Epidemiology Program


May 25, 2018- Researchers and support staff recognized at The Ottawa Hospital’s Excellence Awards ceremony
May 25, 2018- Research project aims to improve end-of-life care in the community
May 16, 2018- Colonoscopies save lives, but study finds room for improvement
May 9, 2018- $870,000 to help develop stem cell treatments for septic shock, glaucoma, lung injury and muscle degeneration
April 18, 2018- The Ottawa Hospital opens digital health lab at Algonquin College
April 18, 2018- Unique research database to improve care for thoracic surgery patients
April 6, 2018- Aspirin as good as blood thinner for preventing blood clots after hip and knee replacement surgery
March 23, 2018- Using big data to help the smallest babies – Canadian researchers use newborn blood tests to identify preterm children in low-resource countries
March 9, 2018- $5.5 million to help save lives when the heart stops and standardize care for rapid heartbeat
March 7, 2018- Is that diagnostic test accurate? Made-in-Ottawa guideline expected to change research around the world
February 26, 2018- Weight gained in first half of pregnancy affects baby’s birth weight the most
February 15, 2018- Fewer than 1 in 5 Ontarians receive doctor house calls or palliative home care in their last year of life
February 6, 2018- Screening for sepsis: new study warns clinicians against quick bedside tool
January 30, 2018- The Ottawa Hospital awarded $12.7M for research, double the national CIHR success rate
January 19, 2018- Newborn sepsis: Could routinely collected blood spots help with early detection?
January 18, 2018- Finding better ways to bring health research to life: World-leading Centre for Implementation Research opens at The Ottawa Hospital
January 17, 2018- Weak immune system? Consider pneumococcal vaccine
December 15, 2017- Researchers to test patient-centered approach to Parkinson’s care
December 13, 2017- Recent immigrants receive different end-of-life care than long-term residents
December 13, 2017- Three Ottawa researchers among “world’s most influential scientific minds”
December 8, 2017- CANImmunize: Partnering with local public health to improve vaccination data
December 6, 2017- Blood transfusions in heart surgery: global study sets new standard
December 4, 2017- Predatory journals: researchers propose solutions to stop the “corruption of science”
November 22, 2017- Emergency medicine pioneer receives Health Research Foundation Medal of Honour
November 13, 2017- When is a headache a sign of a deadly brain bleed? Ottawa rule could improve diagnosis and save lives
October 24, 2017- Dr. Shawn Aaron awarded $4.2 million for research on asthma, COPD
September 21, 2017- Does this liver surgery patient need a blood transfusion? New tool can help doctors decide
September 7, 2017- New members of the Royal Society of Canada join the ranks of academic trailblazers
September 6, 2017- Predatory journals a global problem: Investigation in Nature reveals high income countries not immune
September 6, 2017- Making research results available to improve health: The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa take the lead
August 17, 2017- Top journal recognizes Ottawa expertise in patient decision aids
August 10, 2017- Monitoring catches fainting patient’s irregular heartbeat
July 24, 2017- The Ottawa Hospital and uOttawa to play lead role in global research ethics collaboration
July 20, 2017- Bringing a 'trust but verify' model to journal peer review
July 11, 2017- Midwife’s question inspires study on best blood clot treatment
July 10, 2017- The Ottawa Hospital Emergency Surgery Study: A World Leader in the Delivery of High Quality and Efficient Surgical Care
July 6, 2017- Emergency medicine group wins national awards
June 30, 2017- New treatment for our sickest patients comes closer to reality
June 23, 2017- Rehabilitation researchers win national awards for work on stem cells, mobility
June 14, 2017- Robert Hanlon to retire after helping The Ottawa Hospital become a leader in research
May 25, 2017- Could stem cells heal premature lungs, fight infections, build muscles and strengthen bones?
May 10, 2017- The Ottawa Hospital announces appointment of new Chief Operating Officer for research
May 4, 2017- Cord blood therapies: researchers to separate hope from hype thanks to $100,000 grant
April 26, 2017- Tattoo artist grateful to be off blood thinners thanks to made-in-Ottawa rule
April 20, 2017- Ottawa emergency physicians receive $2.65 M for heart arrhythmia research
April 4, 2017- Over 10,000 Canadian women per year can stop taking blood thinners for unexplained vein clots
March 24, 2017- Government of Canada Supports Latent Tuberculosis Study
March 23, 2017- Retired nurse breathes easily after study finds she was misdiagnosed with asthma
March 18, 2017- New blood thinner better at preventing recurrent blood clots than aspirin
March 16, 2017- How can you avoid a “predatory” journal? New research provides guidance
March 16, 2017- Ottawa Heart Failure Risk Scale could save lives and reduce adverse events
February 23, 2017- Could a simple blood test improve care for preterm infants in low income countries?
February 15, 2017- Ottawa researchers to play lead role in new cancer immunotherapy studies
February 2, 2017- Researchers tap into human behaviour to improve patient safety
January 30, 2017- Rule could take 1/3 of chest pain patients off emergency department heart monitors
January 26, 2017- Community researchers examine how to help Ottawa’s most marginalized quit smoking
January 24, 2017- New digital comic book, Invasion of the Alien Zombies, aims to educate kids about the immune system
January 18, 2017- Preclinical studies often fail to report key details of experiments
January 17, 2017- Study finds 33% of adults recently diagnosed with asthma do not have it
January 9, 2017- Access to kidney transplants unequal across Ontario: study
January 5, 2017- Innovative computer tablet could help stroke patients recover
December 22, 2016- Ottawa researchers develop rapid review process to help WHO respond to global threats
December 7, 2016- The most difficult decision: helping parents make life-or-death choices
December 7, 2016- Researchers use rigorous approach to establish the strength of lab data to inform stem cell clinical trial
November 23, 2016- Three Ottawa-led stem cell trials get $2.2 million boost
November 21, 2016- Algonquin College and The Ottawa Hospital form new partnership
November 17, 2016- Stem cell procedure sends patients with severe myasthenia gravis into remission
November 16, 2016- Researchers to identify most promising stroke therapies for clinical trials
November 15, 2016- Outstanding research on display at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 16th annual Research Day
November 10, 2016- The Ottawa Hospital ranks among Canada’s top research hospitals
November 4, 2016- Inspire Awards recognize exceptional clinical research personnel
November 4, 2016- Battle of the blood thinners hits home for Ottawa man
October 18, 2016- “Invaluable” study confirms blood thinners don’t prevent recurrent pregnancy complications
October 12, 2016- Ottawa researchers take the lead in reducing unnecessary procedures in emergency department
October 12, 2016- $20 million grant to fund safety evaluation of new blood thinners
October 6, 2016- Grandmother saved by diagnosis of rare condition
October 6, 2016- Research in flight: Photos show astronaut participant in Ottawa MARROW study
October 5, 2016- Sepsis deaths plummet after implementation of new emergency department protocol
October 5, 2016- Can pneumonia cause inflammation in the blood vessels? Researchers get $153,000 grant to find out.
September 29, 2016- Decision-making strategy aims to empower First Nations, Inuit and Métis patients
September 29, 2016- Want to know how long you’ll live? There’s a calculator for that
September 29, 2016- Researcher aims to make surgery safer for frail patients
September 28, 2016- Researchers discover molecule in umbilical cord blood that helps the kidney heal after acute injury
September 28, 2016- Ottawa team pioneers new approach for cancer clinical trials
September 21, 2016- Prostate cancer research gets $200,000 boost from TELUS Ride For Dad
September 21, 2016- Ottawa-led team gets top rank for patient decision aids research
September 21, 2016- Dr. Robin Parks to lead Department of Medicine initiative to strengthen basic-clinical research links
September 7, 2016- Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded $472,000 by Ontario Research Fund
September 2, 2016- Could a "metabolic fingerprint" identify premature babies in developing countries?
August 19, 2016- The Ottawa Hospital awarded $27 million from Canadian Institutes of Health Research for 13 research projects
August 19, 2016- Maternal and child health research gets $9.8-million boost
August 17, 2016- $150,000 grant to help researchers test whether exercise before surgery can help elderly patients recover
August 16, 2016- Unhealthy habits cost Canadians 6 years of life
August 11, 2016- The Ottawa Hospital General Campus to be a test ground to compare two rehydration fluids
August 10, 2016- Benefits of continuing anti-blood clot medication outweigh the risks: study
August 3, 2016- $737,000 grant helps researchers predict pregnancy complications
July 28, 2016- Clinical trials closer to home for patients with neuromuscular diseases
July 14, 2016- Fainting experience put emergency physician in his patients’ shoes
July 13, 2016- Study finds large number of home blood pressure monitors are inaccurate
July 13, 2016- $4.2M grant to advance development of next-generation regenerative therapies for vascular disease
July 11, 2016- Researchers find unexpected association between younger donor age, female sex and transfusion outcomes
July 4, 2016- When is fainting a sign of a bigger problem?
June 29, 2016- To treat, or not to treat? How one man decided to keep his prostate cancer
June 29, 2016- Bringing the beat back: $900k grant to help researchers compare fixes for rapid heartbeat
June 14, 2016- Ottawa research informs international Ebola guideline
June 8, 2016- 15 tips for giving feedback to health-care providers
June 8, 2016- Researchers and support staff recognized at The Ottawa Hospital’s Excellence Awards ceremony
June 1, 2016- The wrinkle review: study finds more evidence needed to compare anti-wrinkle drugs
May 24, 2016- Canadian-led guideline improves health research around the world, but more work required
May 18, 2016- Can a drug help prevent blood loss during bladder cancer surgery?
May 13, 2016- Out-of-this-world research could help rehabilitation patients in Ottawa
May 11, 2016- Dr. Ian Graham awarded $3.3M to tackle the challenge of effectively applying health research to health care
May 9, 2016- Does this ankle need an X-ray? There’s an app for that
May 4, 2016- Cardiovascular researchers get $1.2M boost from Heart and Stroke Foundation
April 22, 2016- $3.5M to make mobile immunization app available to everyone, everywhere
April 22, 2016- Two lives forever changed by 30 years of HIV drug research
April 12, 2016- Ottawa researchers shine in SPOR funding announcement
April 7, 2016- Harness your own stem cells to heal shoulders: $1 million committed for Research Chair in Regenerative Orthopaedic Surgery
April 6, 2016- Unhealthy behaviours, socioeconomic barriers contribute to 37 per cent of Ontario’s health care costs: Report
March 30, 2016- $530,000 grant to find Canadians’ most important risk factors for dementia
March 24, 2016- Breakthrough tuberculosis drug now available through Canadian study: Taima TB 3HP study launched in Iqaluit and Ottawa
March 23, 2016- Hot off the press! New edition of EPIgram just published
March 23, 2016- Study could help manage pain in delirious patients
March 18, 2016- Research in flight: Video shows astronaut participant in Ottawa MARROW study
March 16, 2016- $2.1M grant to help find better ways to bring research results to life
March 9, 2016- Fighting back against chronic nerve pain: researchers get $295K to test combination therapy
March 8, 2016- Small cuts, big outcomes: study shows less invasive hysterectomies helped patients heal and saved The Ottawa Hospital money
February 29, 2016- Many prostate cancer patients saved from unnecessary treatments and side effects
February 24, 2016- Frail patients more likely to die in the year after surgery
February 24, 2016- Skip the soap when removing dead tissue from open fracture
February 17, 2016- Drs. Grimshaw and Moher among “world’s most influential scientific minds”
February 17, 2016- 2015’s most cited PAIN paper written by Ottawa researchers
February 3, 2016- Landmark trial could expand revolutionary treatments to all hepatitis C patients
January 27, 2016- Can smartphone-assisted therapy help prevent suicide? Researchers get $1.7M grant to find out
January 21, 2016- When drugs don’t work: research spares kidney transplant patients from unnecessary risks
January 20, 2016- $3M research initiative aims to improve survival after cardiac arrest and trauma
January 13, 2016- Another great year for the Kidney Research Centre
January 13, 2016- Top medical journal recognizes practice-changing research at The Ottawa Hospital
January 13, 2016- When is fainting a sign of a bigger problem? $730,000 grant to help researchers find out
January 7, 2016- Man regains sense of smell thanks to new medical procedure
January 6, 2016- Ottawa researchers to receive up to $775,000 to help develop disease prevention guidelines
December 22, 2015- Ambitious research initiative aims to significantly increase Canadian survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest
December 10, 2015- Controversial prostate cancer screening can be improved by repeating abnormal tests
December 9, 2015- Landmark folic acid trial in pregnant women recruits final patient
December 9, 2015- Ottawa researchers call for better tools to combine health data
November 26, 2015- CPR by medics: Keep pumping or stop for rescue breathing?
November 21, 2015- Applauding our Leading Researchers and Their Accomplishments at The Ottawa Hospital Gala
November 12, 2015- Dr. Ian Stiell leads the country in emergency medicine research, with $2.1M CIHR grant
November 4, 2015- Inspire Awards recognize exceptional clinical research personnel
October 27, 2015- Countering the "Angelina effect": New study aims to understand and reduce fear of cancer recurrence
October 22, 2015- Drugs commonly used in kidney transplant patients not as effective as previously thought
October 14, 2015- New research chairs in women’s health will drive innovation and empowerment
October 14, 2015- Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule could save $25 Million in Ontario
October 14, 2015- Study investigates progress in increasing value in biomedical research
October 5, 2015- National research network to improve outcomes for venous thromboembolism patients established at Lady Davis Institute and The Ottawa Hospital --WORLD THROMBOSIS DAY – OCTOBER 13, 2015
September 30, 2015- Champlain eConsult tool receives national recognition for improving access to medical specialists
September 30, 2015- Team recognized for innovative data analysis to answer important health questions
September 30, 2015- Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw elected co-chair of the Campbell Collaboration
September 30, 2015- Does profit status affect hospitalization and mortality rates in long-term care homes? Bruyère Research Institute study sheds light
September 25, 2015- Decision aids help patients weigh options and make choices
September 23, 2015- Clinical epidemiology newsletter highlights IQ@TOH, a new initiative to harness research to improve quality of care
September 16, 2015- Dr. Greg Knoll awarded $3.9 million to create and translate knowledge in kidney transplantation
September 9, 2015- Landmark trial challenges aggressive feeding of patients
September 9, 2015- Research study informs new program to prevent sexual assault at large gatherings
August 27, 2015- Summer students receive awards for their contributions
August 19, 2015- Are predatory journals filling up your inbox? New research explores the problem
August 19, 2015- Dr. Bernard Thébaud’s team receives $3.2 million to develop stem cell therapy for babies with lung disease
July 29, 2015- New treatments cure hepatitis C in patients co-infected with HIV
July 29, 2015- New research reporting guideline helps compare multiple treatments
July 28, 2015- The Ottawa Hospital awarded $28M from Canadian Institutes of Health Research for 22 research projects
July 15, 2015- Are generic immunosuppressants safe and effective?
June 30, 2015- Patient breathes more easily through weight loss
June 30, 2015- $1.5M grant could improve care for trauma patients and save $10M per year
June 30, 2015- Save Cochrane Canada, a pioneer in evidence-based medicine, based at The Ottawa Hospital
June 30, 2015- New research chair will focus on turning research results into action
June 24, 2015- $670,000 grant to advance development of exoskeleton for rehabilitation
June 22, 2015- Study could reduce unnecessary cancer screening
June 17, 2015- Tool can accurately predict risk of death within one year of hospital admission
June 10, 2015- Promising intermediate results in CIHR’s Foundation grant competition
June 3, 2015- Creators of ImmunizeCA mobile app win national award for community impact
May 27, 2015- eConsult reduces wait times and gets high marks from primary care providers
May 20, 2015- Survey of health care providers and patients highlights need for standardization of use of the Breast Cancer drug, docetaxel.
April 30, 2015- New pilot project in Ottawa offers mobile solution for immunization reporting
April 28, 2015- “Revolutionary” hepatitis C therapy at The Ottawa Hospital cures more patients
April 22, 2015- Ottawa Cardiac Oncology Program highlighted in the Report Card on Cancer in Canada
April 20, 2015- Pancreatic cancer loses viral defences when talking with supporting cells
April 15, 2015- Manosilah Yoganathan recognized for outstanding research in Co-op Program
April 14, 2015- End-of-life care accounts for 10% of health budget
April 9, 2015- Dr. Paul Beaulé recognized for insight into the cause of hip osteoarthritis
April 1, 2015- 7 scientists at The Ottawa Hospital awarded uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Clinical Research Chairs
April 1, 2015- Tender Loving Research saving lives of people with cardiac arrest
March 25, 2015- Tender Loving Research helping people requiring blood transfusions
March 23, 2015- DNA test slashes wait times for tuberculosis diagnosis in Iqaluit
March 17, 2015- Old blood as good as fresh in patients with life threatening illnesses
March 13, 2015- Most clinical trials of 'stalled drugs' do not report results
March 11, 2015- Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw honoured as a Fellow by Scotland's national academy
March 4, 2015- Research could lead to better diagnosis of recurrent blood clots
March 4, 2015- Improving diagnosis of dangerous brain bleeds with two simple measurements
February 18, 2015- Ottawa COPD Risk Scale could save Ontario $115M over 3 years
February 18, 2015- Tender Loving Research improving care for stroke patients
February 10, 2015- Neither oral nor intravenous Vitamin C improve cancer treatment
January 20, 2015- Hospitalized for pneumonia? Your risk of cardiovascular disease is higher: study
January 19, 2015- Flu shots decrease overall risk of acquiring Guillain-Barré Syndrome
January 18, 2015- Does a blood donor’s age or sex affect outcomes for transfusion recipients?
January 14, 2015- Tender Loving Research improving care for critically ill patients
December 30, 2014- Mathematical model could predict best way to prevent tuberculosis in Canada’s north
December 17, 2014- New brain imaging approach could help prevent strokes
December 17, 2014- Blood thinner study in pregnant women receives national award
December 10, 2014- Evidence and guidelines say don't image, yet oncologists still do
December 3, 2014- Surprising study could save lives of kidney transplant patients
November 26, 2014- Simple stroke care improvements can dramatically reduce disability and death
November 26, 2014- Reducing unnecessary and harmful care for kidney transplant patients
November 19, 2014- Study evaluates the effectiveness of simulation in continuing medical education
November 11, 2014- Understanding the risks that lead to complications after bladder cancer surgery
November 5, 2014- Campaign launched to raise $50 million for research
November 5, 2014- Developing a tool to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease among certain populations
October 28, 2014- Canadian chapter of EQUATOR launched in Ottawa
October 28, 2014- Study shows discrepancy in quality of oncology literature
October 22, 2014- Simple method proves equally good at predicting kidney transplant outcomes
October 21, 2014- $3.85M research grant links naturopathic and conventional medicine in fight against cancer
October 15, 2014- Analysis in CMAJ counters criticisms of pivotal BART trial
October 15, 2014- Peer reviewers need training, argues Dr. Moher
October 15, 2014- Assessing the most effective times of day to take urine tests among pregnant women
October 8, 2014- Book provides best practices for reporting health research
October 1, 2014- Improving how knowledge gets into practice: You have to know the context
September 17, 2014- Decision-aids review: 2013's most cited in The Cochrane Library
September 16, 2014- Patient’s question triggers important study about blood thinners
September 10, 2014- Living longer with HIV means more age-related disease: study to outline how
September 3, 2014- Grant awarded for research into complications associated with prostate surgery
August 27, 2014- How many long-term care beds will we need for our aging population?
August 25, 2014- Researchers in Ottawa achieve breakthrough with rare disease: Stem cells used to send “stiff person syndrome” into long-term remission
August 18, 2014- Clinical trial launched to research the benefits of taking folic acid during pregnancy
August 13, 2014- Using clinical decision rules to diagnose deep vein thrombosis in pregnant women
August 13, 2014- Reducing bleeding and blood transfusions during pelvic surgery
August 5, 2014- Deciding whether to stay in your own home or move to a care facility
July 29, 2014- Dr. Douglas McKim honoured by Muscular Dystrophy Canada
July 24, 2014- Common blood thinner for pregnant women proven ineffective: Lancet study
July 22, 2014- How effective is the peer review process?
July 17, 2014- Fighting tuberculosis in Canada’s North with community-based approach
July 16, 2014- Dr. David Moher named top researcher in new international report on science
July 16, 2014- $8.4M in operating grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
July 9, 2014- Examining the effectiveness of research reporting guidelines
June 24, 2014- Looking at heart attack risks in HIV positive patients
June 17, 2014- Helping people with spinal cord injuries walk again
June 16, 2014- Grant awarded to increase the use of aerobic exercise with stroke patients
June 9, 2014- Shorter, daily dialysis reduces need for blood pressure medication
June 9, 2014- Getting heart attack patients to follow doctors' orders
June 3, 2014- Higher dose of blood thinner improves treatment of cancer-associated blood clots
June 3, 2014- Inspiring shared decision-making: Dawn Stacey influences major academic hospital
June 3, 2014- Canadian and U.S. researchers collaborate on COPD clinical research
May 29, 2014- 4 unhealthy habits land Ontarians in hospital more than 900,000 days a year: study
May 27, 2014- Weekend elective surgery in Ontario comes with greater risk of death
May 20, 2014- Obesity to top smoking as most common risk for heart disease in Canada
May 19, 2014- New treatment developed for people suffering with Hepatitis C
May 19, 2014- Using Twitter to discuss and debate kidney disease research findings
May 19, 2014- Government of Ontario invests more than $1 million in multi-year COPD research
May 14, 2014- Process developed for making healthcare training videos
May 14, 2014- Predicting whether a patient on life support is ready to breathe on their own
May 14, 2014- Canadian Blood Services funds research into transfusion medicine
April 30, 2014- When is lower back pain a sign of something serious?
April 29, 2014- Study explores effect of post-partum clinic on breastfeeding rates
April 22, 2014- New study links kidney cancer to increased risk of dangerous blood clotting
April 15, 2014- U.S. emergency rooms adopting made-in-Ottawa diagnostic procedures
April 14, 2014- First Canadian journal dedicated to kidney disease is launched
April 13, 2014- Study to explore why people plan to get healthy, but don't
April 2, 2014- Study compares peritoneal to hemodialysis used to treat end-stage kidney disease
March 20, 2014- National app puts immunization records in your hands
March 11, 2014- Special recognition for breast cancer and emergency medicine research
March 11, 2014- $400,000 study to assess cardiovascular risks and develop tools to improve health
February 24, 2014- Ottawa Hospital researchers to lead new national respiratory and vascular networks
February 18, 2014- New tool identifies high-risk lung patients: Ottawa COPD Risk Scale
February 12, 2014- $6M from Canadian Institutes of Health Research
February 12, 2014- High profile endorsement for Dr. David Moher’s clinical trial reporting guideline
February 12, 2014- Wearing a smartphone to improve physical rehabilitation
February 5, 2014- Girls more likely to visit hospital after MMR vaccine
February 5, 2014- Simple treatment for extreme nosebleeds far cheaper, improves patient experience
January 23, 2014- Blasting blood clots to sic our natural killers on cancer
January 22, 2014- Everyone in health care uses the best evidence, right?
January 15, 2014- 5 ways to increase value and reduce waste in research
January 8, 2014- Multipronged approach to chronic pain reduces suicidal thoughts
December 18, 2013- To admit or not to admit: Research examines emergency physician decision-making to improve patient safety
December 5, 2013- The Ottawa Hospital appoints prestigious kidney research chair
December 4, 2013- Birth order matters: Eldest more likely to visit hospital after vaccinations
December 4, 2013- Driving and dementia toolkit helps determine best time to “hang up the keys”
December 2, 2013- Cochrane Canada receives 2013 CIHR Knowledge Translation Award: Ottawa-based Centre puts the best knowledge in the hands of health care providers professionals and patients as part of international collaboration
November 27, 2013- Special recognition for emergency and family medicine research
November 20, 2013- Research could solve prostate cancer controversy
November 15, 2013- Outstanding research on display at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 13th annual Research Day
September 30, 2013- Ontarians more likely to survive 1 year after hospitalization: study
September 25, 2013- New clinical decision rule could reduce misdiagnosis of deadly brain bleeding
September 24, 2013- Concussion guidelines to help adults manage persistent symptoms, resume life
September 5, 2013- First patient treated in groundbreaking stem cell therapy trial for heart attack
September 4, 2013- Ottawa researchers contribute to Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI)-led study that will improve lung cancer diagnosis
August 30, 2013- New research by Dr. Brigitte Lemyre may change approach for helping some premature infants breathe
August 26, 2013- Study provides best data yet on developmental problems in extremely premature infants
August 8, 2013- Dr. Andrew Seely awarded patent for system that may allow earlier diagnosis of organ failure and systemic infection
July 4, 2013- Public health experts to develop Canadian smartphone app to track immunizations
May 6, 2013- Flu vaccine safe for children with IBD: Study
March 8, 2013- How Much Sodium are You Eating? New Online Salt Calculator Sums it Up
November 27, 2012- New app puts vaccination records at your fingertips
November 21, 2012- International Ethics Guidelines for Cluster Randomized Trials Published—A World First
November 17, 2012- The Ottawa Hospital’s Star Researchers Honoured at Annual Gala
October 9, 2012- Hospital rankings dramatically affected by calculation methods for readmissions and early deaths
October 8, 2012- Fresh blood not better, clinical trial shows
June 21, 2012- Blood test for pregnant women could predict risk of having dangerously small babies
June 8, 2012- New hope for bipolar patients suffering from hepatitis C
May 31, 2012- The Ottawa Hospital opens the Ottawa Blood Disease Centre
May 22, 2012- Flu shot during pregnancy shows unexpected benefits in large study
April 2, 2012- Unhealthy habits are costing Ontarians 7.5 years of life: Study examines impact of smoking, alcohol, diet, physical activity and stress
March 22, 2012- Ottawa researcher spearheads major tuberculosis research effort in Nunavut thanks to CIHR funding
February 10, 2012- Ottawa researcher helps launch world’s first open access journal for systematic reviews
January 26, 2012- Ottawa Hospital researchers help launch two new clinical trials to evaluate CPR and drugs after sudden cardiac arrest
December 16, 2011- Ottawa research could reduce use of unnecessary medications in people with HIV
December 14, 2011- Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and CHEO Research Institute open new research centre dedicated to improving health and patient care
December 12, 2011- Study finds serious reactions to MMR vaccine are rare
December 5, 2011- C. difficile lengthens hospital stays by six days
December 1, 2011- International meeting advances the development of ethical guidelines for clinical trials
November 5, 2011- The Ottawa Hospital Gala recognizes superstar researchers
November 1, 2011- Ottawa research explores reasons for poor folic acid supplementation before pregnancy
October 2, 2011- International symposium in Ottawa explores new technologies to help people move
September 30, 2011- Dr. Curtis Cooper receives award for excellence in HIV-related human rights and advocacy
September 29, 2011- Research shows improvement in care for older people with high risk of fractures, but more work still needs to be done
August 31, 2011- World’s largest cardiac arrest trial shows longer period of initial CPR by paramedics and firefighters provides no benefit
August 22, 2011- New research shows most urgent hospital readmissions are hard to avoid
July 20, 2011- Ottawa Hospital researchers awarded $4.8M from Ontario Research Fund to advance regenerative medicine and patient safety
June 21, 2011- Two Ottawa researchers awarded global health grants from Grand Challenges Canada
May 11, 2011- New research assesses compliance with ethical guidelines for clinical trials
March 27, 2011- New study could improve access to liver transplants for people with HIV
February 23, 2011- Ottawa medical researchers awarded close to $20M by CIHR
February 22, 2011- Making our best health care evidence even better
February 16, 2011- Protect Canadians from disease and accidental vaccine injury, new study says
January 13, 2011- Ottawa researcher receives major grant to fight tuberculosis in Nunavut
November 19, 2010- Outstanding health research on display at OHRI’s 10th Annual Research Day
November 16, 2010- New research shows cystic fibrosis patients in Ontario are at risk for infection with dangerous strain of bacteria
October 29, 2010- Ottawa prevention clinic has huge impact on stroke rate, study finds
October 28, 2010- A step towards better stroke diagnosis
October 28, 2010- Ottawa researcher elected Co-Chair of Cochrane Collaboration
September 10, 2010- Outstanding researchers at uOttawa and OHRI to receive significant funding
June 16, 2010- Diabetes cases in Canada to increase by almost 2 million by 2017: Study
May 19, 2010- Cochrane Canada receives $9.6M from CIHR
March 29, 2010- New index predicts survival for people with severe kidney disease and helps with difficult transplant decisions
March 24, 2010- Nine leading medical journals publish clinical trial reporting guidelines developed by Ottawa researcher
March 16, 2010- CUR-IT newsletter released
March 1, 2010- Simple tool identifies patients who may need closer monitoring after leaving hospital
February 16, 2010- Ottawa researchers develop guidelines for better reporting of health research
February 8, 2010- OHRI awarded $7.8M from Canadian Institutes of Health Research
January 13, 2010- Canadian study of senior drivers goes international
December 16, 2009- Three Big Ideas: OHRI Annual Report
November 21, 2009- Ottawa Hospital Gala raises impressive amount for groundbreaking research
November 18, 2009- Improving care for people with neck injuries: Ottawa hospital-led study paves the way for worldwide adoption of Canadian C-Spine Rule
November 12, 2009- Ottawa rehabilitation researchers find simulated space travel increases bone marrow fat
November 10, 2009- Ottawa researchers begin trial of H1N1 vaccine with adjuvant in people with HIV
October 8, 2009- OHRI researchers partner with McGill and Harvard to "CUR-IT"
October 7, 2009- Three Big Ideas: OHRI Annual Report
September 25, 2009- Research helps prepare for next wave of H1N1
August 19, 2009- OHRI / uOttawa research shows heart rate monitors could help detect sepsis earlier
July 21, 2009- Five top medical journals publish research guidelines developed in Ottawa
July 2, 2009- Study points to need for more training in clinical trial design in China
May 28, 2009- Ottawa health researchers launch “iShould”, a decision making application on Facebook
April 30, 2009- OHRI awarded $12M for national network to translate clinical research results into better health
April 27, 2009- OHRI study shows automated telephone system can help in chronic disease management
April 15, 2009- Free access to Cochrane Library health information for all Canadians
March 12, 2009- Online tools could help identify disease outbreaks earlier
February 4, 2009- Scientist in the Spotlight: Dr. Kumanan Wilson
February 3, 2009- Genes and disease: OHRI scientists contribute to guidelines for reporting genetic associations
November 19, 2008- Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw and Dr. Dean Fergusson recognized at OCRI Life Sciences Achievement Awards Dinner
November 17, 2008- Asthma may be over-diagnosed by up to 30 per cent, according to Canadian research study
October 29, 2008- Canadian researchers study inexpensive blood thinner as potential treatment for life threatening infection
September 1, 2008- Extensive screening of patients with blood clots may help detect cancer earlier
August 25, 2008- Simple rule may allow many women to stop taking blood thinners
August 11, 2008- Could anemia of chronic disease be a good thing? Researchers challenge assumptions and question growing push for treatment
May 14, 2008- Aprotinin associated with increased risk of death: Canadian trial published in NEJM compares three drugs routinely used to prevent blood loss during heart surgery
April 21, 2008- Massive Ontario paramedic study shows Basic Life Support as good as Advanced Life Support for patients with major trauma
March 3, 2008- Cochrane Collaboration brings balanced, up-to-date health information to Canadians
February 6, 2008- Babies born to teenage fathers have greater risk of birth problems
January 4, 2008- Large study links folic acid supplementation with reduced risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy
November 18, 2007- Dr. Phil Wells discusses his research on blood thinners on CTV National News
September 12, 2007- Dr. Mark Walker discusses his research on maternal and fetal health on Insidermedicine (external link)
July 25, 2007- Dr. Dean Fergusson’s research is shedding light on the many unanswered questions in health care
February 1, 2007- OMNI group's research is helping to make twin pregnancies safer
June 1, 2006- From blood transfusions, to heart surgery, to lung infections,
Dr. Paul Hébert is doing research to improve the way we care for the sickest patients in the hospital.