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Facilities & Equipment


OHRI Facilities and Equipment
Items tagged as Microscope, Upright
Macroscope Microscope (General, CCW- 3rd Floor, W3822)
Nanosight- Nanoparticle Analysis (LM10HSB) (Biomed # 91192 and 91193) (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, C3157)
Olympus FV1000 (General, CCW- 5th Floor, W5164)
Olympus FV1000 (Civic, HIRC, )
Zeiss Axio Imager M2 Microscope (Biomed #91468) (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6162)
Zeiss Axioplan (General, TOHCC - 3rd Floor, )
Zeiss Axioplan 2 (General, CCW- 5th Floor, W5255)
Zeiss Axioplan II with Apotome (General, RGH, U of O, 1454)
Zeiss Axioskop 2 (General, UofO - RGH, )
Zeiss Axioskop 2 (Biomed #48752) (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6162)
Zeiss Axioskop with StereoInvestigator (General, RGH, U of O, 2442)
Zeiss Imager M1 (Microscope #2) (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4410)
Zeiss Imager M2 (Microscope #1) (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4410)
Zeiss Live Imaging Microscope with Apotome (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4412)
Zeiss LSM510 (General, NRI- 1st Floor, 1431)

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