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Facilities & Equipment


OHRI Facilities and Equipment
Items tagged as Imaging systems, Chemi/Fluo
Alpha Imager 2200 (General, NRI @ UofO, 1451)
Alpha Innotech FC2 (Biomed #91151) (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, South Wing (north side))
Alpha Innotech HD2 (General, CCW- 5th Floor, W5162)
Biorad Versa Doc MP5000 (Biomed #91407) (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6134)
Cellometer Vision TRIO Cell Counter and Analyser (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6150)
Kodak Image Station (General, TOHCC-3rd floor, )
Licor Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System (Biomed #91573) (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6134)
Syngene Gene Genius (Biomed #35565) (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, South Wing (South side))
UVP EPI Chemi II (Darkroom) (Biomed #43723) (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, South Wing (north Side))

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