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Dar Dowlatshahi, MD PhD FRCP(C)

Wendy Lamont
Clinical Administrative Assistant
FAX: 613-761-5360
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Research Activities

Dr. Dowlatshahi clinical research achievements are as follows:

1) Identifying and measuring ongoing bleeding in acute cerebral hemorrhage. This work led to several publications and a Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada grant, a 3-year renewal of the grant, and a Heart & Stroke New Investigator award.

2) Defining the minimal clinically important difference for hematoma expansion. This ongoing work has already led to a landmark publication (Neurology 2011) is cited 45 times (Aug 2014) and used for sample size calculations for several clinical trials.

3) Clinician Scientist-Research Chair Award, New Investigator. This inaugural $750K Dept of Medicine award is awarded to the most productive clinician-scientist who is within their first 5-years of appointment for his research in stroke, hemorrhage and anticoagulation.

ONGOING CLINICAL TRIALS & STUDIES that Dr. Dowlatshahi is involved with:

Evaluation of Blood Product Utilization, Healthcare Resource Consumption and Patient Outcomes in New Oral Anticoagulant-Related Hemorrhage

International observational study looking at the Importance of Conventional and Emerging Risk Factors for Stroke in Different Regions of the World and in Different Ethnic Groups

Embrace, A randomized controlled trial of 30-Day Cardiac Event Monitor Belt for Recording Atrial Fibrillation After a Cerebral Ischemic Event

Multicentre CanPro Registry, Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for anticoagulant-associated intracerebral hemorrhage

Dynamic CTA-ICH study, Predicting intracerebral hemorrhage expansion using the dynamic CTA spot sign

STOP-IT trial, Multicentre RCT of Recombinant FactorVII therapy for CTA spot-positive patient with intracerebral hemorrhage, USA-based RCT

SPOTLIGHT trial, Multicentre RCT of Recombinant FactorVII therapy for CTA spot-positive patient with intracerebral hemorrhage, Canada-based RCT

ICH-ADAPT trial, Multicentre RCT of aggressive blood pressure control with CT-perfusion correlate of perihematoma blood flood in intracerebral hemorrhage

INTERSECT study, Prospective cohort study using post-tPA CT-angiography to determine predictors of re-canalization in acute stroke

PREDICT study, Prospective cohort study to validate the CTA “spot sign” as a predictor of hematoma expansion in intracerebral hemorrhage