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The OHRI has made a significant commitment towards commercializing the results of its research to ensure its ideas are made available to the public and can benefit the local, provincial and Canadian economies. The OHRI Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is positioned to assist in this task by:

The TTO also assists in increasing the profile of OHRI through advocacy for the institute, networking and fostering collaborations and interactions with companies and organizations active in medical research, development and commercialization.

Technologies currently under commercial development at OHRI include:

Commercialization activities relating to these and other technologies have contributed to the creation of a number of successful startup companies, including Jennerex Biotherapeutics, eSight, Coley Pharmaceutical (recently bought by Pfizer), Northern Therapeutics and Therapeutic Monitoring Systems Inc (TMS).

The OHRI Tech Transfer Office also partners with key regional business development and commercialization groups, including OnSETT (The Ontario Society for Excellence in Technology Transfer), OTTN (Ottawa Technology Transfer Network) and OCRI (Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation).

For more information, please see our Researcherís Guide to Intellectual Property or contact one of the following members of the OHRI Tech Transfer Office:

Anouk Fortin, Ph.D.
Technology Transfer Officer
503 Smyth road, Box 411
4th floor Cencer Center
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 8L6
Phone: 613-737-8899 ext 78930
Fax 613-737-8803

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