Ottawa Regional Science Fair awards top prize to Aditya Mohan

April 9, 2015

Aditya Mohan, a local high school student mentored by Dr. Angela Crawley, has received the Best in Fair prize at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair, as well as several other awards, including the Partners in Research award and the Popular Vote Award. Mohan has been volunteering in Dr. Crawley’s lab for two years. Last year he helped develop an experimental approach for treating HIV (and won the Ottawa Regional Science Fair’s top prize for this as well). This year he branched out into cancer research, developing a novel cancer-fighting virus (in collaboration with Drs. Robin Parks, Robert Korneluk and more recently, Jean-Simon Diallo). Mohan will now travel to Pittsburgh with a team of 12 other Canadians for the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Mohan was interviewed by several local media outlets, including the Ottawa Sun and CBC TV.

Funders: Calian, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation

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