Summer students recognized for research presentations

September 1, 2016

This week marked the last presentations of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s summer student seminar series, and therefore also the award ceremony for the best presentations. This year 42 students from throughout the Institute participated, ranging from high school students to newly graduated bachelor students and medical students. Based on both peer and coordinator evaluations, the following students were awarded for their presentations:

Overall category (50% coordinator + 50% peer marks):

1. Anabel Bergeron (Gold) (Jean-Simon Diallo's group)

2. Johanne Mathieu (Silver) (Jean-Simon Diallo's group)

3. Howard Guo (Bronze) (Bernard Thébaud's group)

Peer category (100% peer marks):

1. Kathleen Aitkens (Gold) (Bernard Thébaud's group)

2. Abera Surendran (Silver) (John Bell's group)

3. Mina Risk (Bronze) (David Allan's group)

Coordinator category (100% coordinator marks):

1. Joanne Joseph (Gold) (Bernard Thébaud's group)

2. Abdus Anwar (Silver) (Marjorie Brand's group)

3. Mary Thompson (Bronze) (Lauralyn McIntyre's group)

As summer student coordinators we would like to thank all students for their enthusiastic participation, and all supervisors and labs for supporting their summer students in this endeavour. We look forward to welcoming you back next year!

Dr. Jane Fenelon and Dr. Lisa Julian

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute summer student coordinators