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Angela M. Crawley, Ph.D.

Fax: 613-737-8803
Research Administrative Assistant:
Heidi Hickey,
613-737-8899 x72794

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What We Do

HIV-HCV Immunology Lab

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Selected Publications

  1.  Crawley AM., Vranjkovic A., Faller E., McGuinty M., Burke SC., Cousineau S., MacPherson P., Angel JB. Jak/STAT and PI3K signalling pathways have both common and distinct roles in IL-7 mediated activities in human CD8+ T-cells. J. Leuk. Biol., 2014. 95(1):117-27.
  2. Crawley AM., and Angel JB. 2012. The influence of HIV on CD127 expression and its potential implications for IL-7 therapy. (Invited review article for Semin. Immunol., 24:231-240.
  3. Vranjkovic A., Crawley AM., Patey A., Angel JB. 2012. In vitro HIV Type 1 infection indirectly alters CD127 expression on CD8+ T-cells. AIDS Research and Human Retrovirology. 28:295-298.
  4. Crawley AM., and Angel JB. 2011. Expression of g-chain cytokine receptors on CD8+ T-cells in HIV infection with a focus on IL-7Ra (CD127). Immunol. Cell. Biol. 90:379-387.
  5. *Vranjkovic A., Crawley AM., Patey A., Angel JB. 2011. IL-7-dependent STAT-5 activation and CD8+ T-cell proliferation are impaired in HIV infection. J. Leuk. Biol., 89:499-506.
    Note: An editorial introduces this article in its issue: Paiardini M. et al., 2011. J. Leuk Biol. 89:491-3.
  6. O'Connor A., Crawley AM., Angel JB. 2010. The role of IL-7 in memory CD8+CD127+ T-cell function and its impairment in HIV disease. Immunol., 131(4):525-536.
  7. Crawley AM., Vranjkovic A., Young C., Angel JB. 2010. Interleukin-4 downregulates CD127 expression on human thymocytes and mature CD8+ T-cells. Eur. J. Immunol., 40:1396-1407.
  8. Crawley, AM., Faucher S., Angel JB. 2010. Soluble IL-7Ra (sCD127) inhibits IL-7 activity and is increased in HIV infection. J. Immunol., 184:4679-4787.
  9. Faucher S., Crawley AM., Decker W., Sherring A., Bogdanovic D., Ding T., Bergeron M., Angel JB., Sandstrom P. 2009. Development of a Quantitative Bead Capture Assay for Soluble IL-7 Receptor a in Human Plasma. PLoSONE, 4(8): e6690.
  10. Crawley AM., Katz T., Parato KP., Angel JB. 2009. IL-2 receptor g chain cytokines differentially regulate human CD8+CD127+ and CD8+CD127- T-cell division and susceptibility to apoptosis. Int. Immunol., 21: 29-42.
  11. Vranjkovic A.*, Crawley AM.* Gee K., Kumar A., Angel JB. 2007. IL-7 decreases IL-7 receptor-α (CD127) expression and induces shedding of CD127 by human CD8+ T cells. Int. Immunol., 19: 1329-1339. (*contributed equally).

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