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Contact Information

Fahad AlKherayf
613-798-5555 ext. 10661

Fahad AlKherayf

Senior Clinician Investigator, Neuroscience Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Research Interests

• Translational primary brain tumor research
• Clinical trials
• spine cord injury

Brief Biography

Dr. AlKherayf is an Associate Professor and a Neurosurgeon at University of Ottawa. He is also a Senior Clinician Investigator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) with a cross appointment to the Clinical Epidemiology Program. Additionally, he is the Director of the Clinical Research Program at The Ottawa Hospital, Division of Neurosurgery, and the Director of the Spine Fellowship and Skull Base Fellowship Programs at the University of Ottawa.

After graduating from the medical school, Dr. AlKherayf completed his neurosurgery training at the University of Ottawa in 2010, followed by two fellowships in complex spine surgery and minimally invasive skull base surgery. As well, he graduated the Master in Epidemiology Program (The Ottawa University, 2011) and the Clinician Investigator Program (the Royall College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada).

Dr. AlKherayf's clinical research interests lie in translational primary brain tumor research, clinical trials, and spinal cord injury.His clinical practice focuses on complex spine surgery, minimally invasive cranial surgery and complex cranio-cervical reconstruction. He has authored and co-authored many research papers and abstracts, and spoken at many international conferences. Dr. AlKherayf has special interest in neurosurgery and spine education by teaching many courses. He also has been serving as an editorial board member for many journals.

Selected Publications

AlGhamdi MYT, Houlden DA, AlKherayf F
Utilization of Intra-Operative Visual Evoked Potential in Long Spine Surgery: Case Report . J Neurol Neurophysiol, 2015 Nov; 6: 332

Alkherayf F,Arab A, Cardenas-Blanco A, Tsai EC.
Conus Medullaris Teratoma with Utilization of Fiber Tractography: Case report. J Neurol Surg Rep. 2015 Jul;76(1):e183-7.

Alkherayf F, Abou Al-shaar H, Awad M
Managment of Idioopathic Intracranial Hypertension with a Programmable Lumboperitoneal Shunt: early experience, Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2015 Sep;136:5-9.

Alkherayf F, Ouattara J, Edem I, Alzaharani S, Agbi C
Planum-Clival Angle (PCA) Classification: a Novel Method of Pre-Operative Evaluation of Sellar/Parasellar Surgery, J Neurol Surg B Skull Base. 2015 Aug;76(4):316-22.

Yasmine Miguel, Gerard Jansen, Fahad Alkherayf
Unique Occurrence of a Subependymoma Presenting Bilaterally with Hemorrhage: A Case Report, Journal of Modern Neurosurgery, 2015 April, 5, 59- 63