Vanderhyden Lab

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Contact Information

Barbara Vanderhyden, PhD
613-737-7700 ext. 70330

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Centre for Cancer Therapeutics
501 Smyth Road
Box 926
Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6

What We Do

  • Mouse models of ovarian cancer
  • Progenitor cells in the ovarian surface epithelium
  • Chromatin remodelling proteins involved in cellular differentiation

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Selected Publications

Al-Hujaily EM, Y Tang, D-S Yao, E Carmona, K Garson and BC Vanderhyden (2015). Divergent roles of PAX2 in the etiology and progression of ovarian cancer. Cancer Prev. Res. 8: 1163-1173.

Garson K and Vanderhyden BC (2015). Epithelial ovarian cancer stem cells: underlying complexity of a simple paradigm. Reproduction. 149: 59-70

McCloskey CW, Goldberg RL, Carter LE, Gamwell LF, Al-Hujaily EM, Collins O, Macdonald EA, Garson K, Daneshmand M, Carmona E and Vanderhyden BC (2014). A new spontaneously transformed syngeneic model of high-grade serous ovarian cancer with a tumor-initiating cell population. Front Oncol. 4: 53.

Laviolette LA, Hodgkinson KM, Minhas N, Perez-Iratxeta C, Vanderhyden BC (2014). 17β-estradiol upregulates GREB1 and accelerates ovarian tumour progression in vivo.  Int. J. Cancer. Jan 27. doi: 10.1002/ijc.28741.

Gamwell LF, M Merziotis, K Gambaro, SL Arcand, V Snoulten, C Davis, JA Squire, DL Huntsman, PN Tonin and BC Vanderhyden (2013). Characterization of a small cell ovarian cancer cell line:  Genomic anomalies and responsiveness to therapeutics. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 8: 33.

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