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Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded three grants for high risk, high reward and interdisciplinary research
May 31, 2021 - The New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) 2020 Exploration competition brings diverse disciplines together in pursuit of breakthrough ideas and high-reward outcomes.
Can a diabetes drug help repair damaged nerve insulation? Mouse study shows it might.
January 27, 2021 - A study in mice led by Dr. Jing Wang suggests that the diabetes drug metformin may be able to repair damage to nerve insulation caused by diseases like MS and stroke.
Diabetes drug corrects some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice
June 4, 2020 - A study in mice led by Dr. Jing Wang suggests that the diabetes drug metformin may be able to reverse some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
The Ottawa Hospital awarded 13 grants worth $11.2 million from Canadian Institutes of Health Research
July 26, 2019 - Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital have been awarded 13 grants worth a total of $11.2 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The new projects focus on areas such as cancer immunotherapy, hepatitis C infection, blood ...
Diabetes drug could enhance stem cell treatment for stroke
August 8, 2018 - Imagine removing blood or skin cells from a patient after a stroke, turning them into powerful stem cells in the lab, and then transplanting them back into the same patient's brain so they can give rise to new neurons to repair the damage. This ...
The Ottawa Hospital awarded $12.7M for research, double the national CIHR success rate
January 30, 2018 - Sixteen research groups at The Ottawa Hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, have been awarded $12.7 million in the most recent project grant competition from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). This represents a success r
Stroke repair: study shows single pathway crucial for generating new stem cells, neurons and blood vessels
December 20, 2017 - If you were to suffer a stroke, would you want your brain to create more stem cells, replace the damaged neurons or repair the broken blood vessels? A new study led by Dr. Jing Wang shows that fine tuning a single molecular pathway may allow the brai
Three Ottawa-led stem cell trials get $2.2 million boost
November 23, 2016 - Ottawa researchers bring in half of clinical trial awards from Stem Cell Network Could stem cells help the body recover from septic shock, heart attack and liver transplantation? Researchers from The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa
Grant helps researcher investigate the mind’s puzzles
November 2, 2016 - Dr. Jing Wang of The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa accepted a cheque for $35,000 from the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation for her work into inhibiting Alzheimer’s disease in aging adults. The Foundation will support the researc
The Ottawa Hospital is leading the way in regenerative medicine
August 30, 2016 - Ten years after the opening of the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research, The Ottawa Hospital is playing a lead role in harnessing the power of stem cells to develop new treatments for devastating diseases. Dr. Duncan Stewart explains in this resea
$145,000 to help researchers investigate how the adult brain grows new cells
August 10, 2016 - Dr. Jing Wang received $145K from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to investigate the molecular mechanisms that use environmental cues to give rise to new neurons in the adult brain. The part of the brain in charge
Diabetes drug promotes brain regeneration in multiple ways
January 6, 2016 - Like many other adult tissues, the brain has the ability to repair itself, but this ability is not strong enough to overcome the massive cell death that occurs in diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease. Several years ago, Dr. Jing Wang d
Ottawa stroke researchers awarded nearly $500,000
June 17, 2015 - The HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery has awarded nearly $500,000 for a number of stroke research projects in Ottawa. Dr. Paul Albert had the top-ranked grant in the competition (and won the Dr. Tony Hakim Stroke Research Award) for his pr