Facilities and Equipment List

Items tagged as General Campus, U of O, RGH
ABI 7000 (General, RGH, U of O, 1317)
Adenovirus Core Facility (General, RGH, U of O, 2434)
Alpha Imager 2200 (General, NRI @ UofO, 1451)
Alpha Imager Gel Doc (General, Kidney Research Center, 1323)
Flexercell Tension Plus System (General, RGH, U of O, 1317)
Kodak Xomat (General, NRI- 1st Floor, 1451)
Molecular Devices Spectramax M5 (General, NRI- 2nd Floor, 2464)
Packard Cobra (General, NRI- 2nd Floor, 2475)
Packard Scintillation (General, NRI- 2nd Floor, 2475)
Perkin Elmer Victor (General, NRI- 2nd Floor, )
Tissue Processor (Shandon Citidel 1000) (General, NRI- 1st Floor, 1411)
Wallac 1409 (General, NRI- 1st Floor, 1444)
Zeiss Axioplan II with Apotome (General, RGH, U of O, 1454)
Zeiss Axioskop 2 (General, UofO - RGH, )
Zeiss Axioskop with StereoInvestigator (General, RGH, U of O, 2442)
Zeiss LSM510 (General, NRI- 1st Floor, 1431)