Facilities and Equipment List

Items tagged as PCR
ABI 7000 (General, RGH, U of O, 1317)
Agilent Mx3005P QPCR (General, CCW- 5th floor, W5220)
Applied Biosystems - 7500 Real Time PCR (Biomed #91142) (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, South Wing (North Side))
Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real Time QPCR (Biomed #955237) (General, TOHCC- 3rd floor, South Wing (South side))
Beckman Coulter Biomek FXp Robotic System (2) (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4317)
Bio-Rad CFX96 and CFX384 RT PCR (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6150)
Genxpress CAS 1200 (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, North Wing)
My IQ Thermal Cycler (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6147)
Qiagen Rotor Gene (General, CCW- 5th floor, W5167)
Qiagen Rotor Gene (General, TOHCC- 3rd Floor, North Wing)
Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q 2plex Platform (General, CCW- 5th Floor, W5155)
Roche LightCyclerŽ 480 Real-Time PCR System (Biomed #95882) (General, CCW- 5th Floor, W5215)