Research Programs

Cancer Therapeutics Program Chronic Disease Program
The Cancer Therapeutics Program is based at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. Scientists, oncologists, and surgeons are investigating everything from basic cancer cell biology to the development of novel targeted therapeutics, to clinical trials and population-based studies in patients. The Chronic Disease Program includes scientists and clinicians focused on improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic disease. Major areas of research include hypertension and kidney disease, diabetes and obesity, infectious disease (eg. AIDS), and problems of reproduction and development.
Clinical Epidemiology Program Neuroscience Program
The Clinical Epidemiology Program is focused on improving health through research involving patients and the health care system. Major research areas include critical care, emergency medicine, knowledge synthesis, knowledge translation/implementation research, maternal and fetal health, patient decision aids, patient safety, rehabilitation, research methods, respirology, thrombosis and transfusion medicine. The Neuroscience Program includes scientists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons conducting research to improve our understanding of the brain and aid in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Major areas of research include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, and stroke.
Regenerative Medicine Program
Researchers in the Regenerative Medicine Program are working to improve our understanding of disease and open the road for regenerative medicine to enter the clinic. The Regenerative Medicine Program includes biologists, geneticists, stem cell scientists, and transplant specialists.