Outstanding research on display at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 18th annual Research Day

November 9, 2018

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 18th annual Research Day was a great success, with nearly 400 attendees packing the St. Elias Centre to capacity. Designed to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of trainees and promote scientific interaction, the event featured 138 posters (with 118 competing for prizes) and 16 oral presentations. Drs. Duncan Stewart, and Fraser Scott set the stage with introductory remarks, while Drs. Dana Devine and Alexandre Prat gave the keynote lectures.

Prizes were awarded to the following trainees:

Oral Presentation Competition

1st: Morten Ritso (Rudnicki group) Engraftment of Primary Human Muscle Satellite Cells and Satellite-like Cells Derived from Pluripotent Stem Cells

Co-authors: Carole Doré, Eve C. Tsai, William L. Stanford, Michael A. Rudnicki

2nd: Martin Kang (Thébaud group) Gene Therapy Rescues Respiratory Distress and Improves Survival in a Mouse Model of Surfactant Protein Deficiency

Co-authors: Arul Vadivel, Liqun Xu, Claudia Milazzo, Chanele Cyr-Depauw, Laura van Lieshout, Jakob Domm, Sarah Wootton, Bernard Thébaud

3rd: Iris Perelman (Fergusson group) Patient-Centered Outcomes in the Management of Anemia: A Scoping Review Co-authors: Phillip Staibano, Iris Perelman, Julia Lombardi, Alexandra Davis, Alan Tinmouth, Marc Carrier, Ciara Stevenson, Elianna Saidenberg

Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellow Poster Competition

1st: Uxia Gurriaran-Rodriguez (Rudnicki group) Investigations in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Co-authors: Solomon Fisher, David Datzkiw, Fan Xiao, Adam Smith, Yves de Repentigny, Michael A. Rudnicki

Tie for 2nd place:

2nd: Marie-Claude Sincennes (Rudnicki group) PAX7 function in muscle stem cells is regulated by acetylation

Co-authors: Caroline Brun, Tabitha Rosembert, John Saber, Yoichi Kawabe, Michael Rudnicki

2nd: Caroline Brun (Rudnicki group) Cilia-mediated Hedgehog signaling regulates satellite cell function

Co-authors: Marie-Claude Sincennes, Alex Lin, Peter Feige, Bahareh Hekmatnejad, Emily Freeman, and Michael A. Rudnicki

3rd: Virgilio Cadete (Stewart group) Right ventricular bioenergetics adaptation to pulmonary arterial hypertension in the Sugen5416-chronic hypoxia rat model

Co-authors: Alexanne Cuillerier, Yupu Deng, Katelynn Rowe, Yan Burelle, and Duncan J. Stewart

PhD Student Poster Competition

1st: Peter Feige (Rudnicki group) EGF Stimulates Asymmetric Divisions in Muscle Stem Cells and Enhances Regeneration of Dystrophin-Deficient Muscle

Co-authors: Yu Xin Wang, Caroline E. Brun, Bahareh Hekmatnejad, and Michael A. Rudnicki

2nd: Sean Delaney (Stanford group) Synthetic-lethal genome-wide CRISPR knockout screen reveals known and newly identified vulnerabilities of TSC2-null neural crest cells

Co-authors: Lisa M. Julian, Julien Yockell-Lelievre, Roger Tam, Chandarong Choey, Carole Dore, Molly S. Shoichet and William L. Stanford

3rd: Laura Forrest (Vanderhyden group) GREB1 expression in reproductive tissues and ovarian cancer

Co-authors: Lisa Oliviero, Kendra Hodgkinson, Bojana Djordjevic, Barbara C. Vanderhyden

Master’s and other trainees Poster Competition

1st: Thomas Olender (Brand group) Investigations in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Co-authors: Marjorie Brand

Tie for 2nd place: 

2nd: Amin Zahrai (Albert group) Chronic fluoxetine induces serotonin axonal plasticity in recovery from post stroke depression.

Co-authors: Faranak Vahid-Ansari, Paul R. Albert

2nd: Aida Said (Tiberi group) Role of Astrocytic Dopamine D1 Receptors in Post-Stroke Motor Recovery

Co-authors: Annette Gower, Baptiste Lacoste, Mario Tiberi

3rd: Clinton Royce Cunha (Sabourin group) Characterization of SLK-deficient Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs)

Co-authors: John Abou-Hamad, Benjamin Pryce, Khalid Al-Zahrani, Cedrik Labrèche, Luc Sabourin

Dr. Goodman Cohen Summer Student Award

Senior Award

Kaitlyn Rourke (Jonathan Angel group) "sCD127 secretion in response to IL-7 may be influenced by a single nucleotide polymorphism

Lubina Nayak (Rodney Breau group) "Does androgen deprivation improve cancer control in high-risk non-metastatic   prostate cancer patients undergoing radical prostatectomy? A systematic review and meta-analysis"

Junior Award

Amit Scheer (Michele Ardolino group) "Natural killer cells acquire the checkpoint receptor PD-1 by intercellular transfer from tumour cells"

Research Day Committee and Volunteers:

Dr. Fraser Scott (Chair), Dr. Jay Baltz, Amelia Buchanan, Dr. Paul Albert (In-coming co-chair) Dr. Ketul Chaudhary, Dr. Lauralyn McIntyre (In-coming co-chair), Dr. Marjorie Brand, Dr. Angela Crawley, Dr. Dean Fergusson, Dr. Anouk Fortin, Jennifer Ganton, Dr. Ian Lorimer, Dr. Tim Ramsay, Dr. Luc Sabourin, Dr. Duncan Stewart, Greg Canham, Melanie Genereaux, Wayne Lowe, Natasha Hollywood, Jennifer Valentino, Terri Van Gulik, Jennifer Jean-Louis


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