Outstanding research on display at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 19th annual Research Day

November 8, 2019

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 19th annual Research Day was a great success, with over 400 attendees packing the St. Elias Centre to capacity. Designed to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of trainees and promote scientific interaction, the event featured 172 posters (with 152 competing for prizes) and 16 oral presentations.

Drs. Lauralyn McIntyre, Paul Albert, Duncan Stewart and Jocelyn Côté set the stage with introductory remarks. John Chafe and Drs. John Marshall and Adrian Krainer gave the keynote talks.

Prizes were awarded to the following trainees:

Oral Presentation Competition

Clinical: Kelly Farrah (Kednapa Thavorn group) Burden and Financial Impact of Sepsis in Ontario: A Population-based, Retrospective Cohort Study

Co-authors: Lauralyn McIntyre, Robert Talarico, Monica Taljaard, Dean Fergusson, Christopher J. Doig, Alan J. Forster, Doug Coyle, Kednapa Thavorn

1st: Michaela Lunn (Michael Schlossmacher group) Elucidating the role of lrrk2 kinase activity in the innate immune system

Co-authors: Bojan Shutinoski, Quinton Hake-Volling, Mansoureh Hakimi, Julianna Tomlinson, Earl Brown, Michael G. Schlossmacher

2nd: Daniel Robinson (Jeffrey Dilworth group) Promoter-proximal stalling of RNA-Polymerase II is required to regulate myoblast fate determination during myogenesis

Co-authors: Karen Adelman, Jeffrey Dilworth

3rd: Alex Lin (Michael Rudnicki group) Single Cell Analyses Identify a Novel Muscle Stem Cell Subpopulation

Co-authors: Morten Ritso, Kasun Kodippili, J. Manuel Hernández-Hernández, Michael A. Rudnicki

Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellow Poster Competition

Clinical: Benjamin Gershkovich (supervised by Lauralyn McIntyre) Physicians’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about a Hospital Wide Cluster Cross Over Pragmatic Fluid Administration Trial: An Electronic Survey

Co-authors: Weijer, Charles; Taljaard, Monica; Brehault, Jamie; McArdle, Tracy; Schweitzer, Irwin; Cook, Deborah J; English, Shane W; Fergusson, Dean; Forster, Alan; Fox-Robichaud, Alison; Graham, Ian; Hawken, Steven; Iyengar, Akshai; Martin, Claudio; Marshall, John; Maybee, Alies; McDonald, Ellen; Menon, Kusum; McCartney, Colin; Muscedere, John; Saginur, Raphael; Seely, Andrew; Thavorn, Kednapa; McIntyre, Lauralyn

1st: Martin Kang (Bernard Thébaud group) A Novel Lung Tropic AAV Vector Dramatically Improves Survival and Surfactant Homeostasis in a Mouse Model of Inherited Surfactant B Deficiency

Co-authors: Laura P. van Lieshout, Liqun Xu, Jakob M. Domm, Arul Vadivel, Laurent Renesme, Christian Mühlfeld, Maria Hurskainen, Ivana Mizikova, Yanlong Pei, Claudia Milazzo, Chanele Cyr-Depauw, Jeffrey A Whitsett, Larry M Nogee, Sarah K. Wootton, Bernard Thébaud

2nd: Allison Tscherner (Jay Baltz group) Initiation of independent cell volume regulation in the mouse oocyte at ovulation

Co-authors: Jay Baltz

3rd: Nikolas Martin (John Bell group)

Co-authors: Mathieu JF Crupi, Giuseppe Pugliese, Ragunath Singaravelu, John C Bell

PhD Student Poster Competition

Clinical: Annemarie Dedek (Michael Hildebrand and Eve Tsai group) Sex-specific mechanisms of spinal hyperexcitability in the human and rat superficial dorsal horn

Co-authors: Jian Xu, Chaya M. Kandegedara, Louis-Étienne Lorenzo, Antoine G. Godin, Paul J. Lombroso, Yves De Koninck, Eve C. Tsai, Michael E. Hildebrand

 1st: Peter Feige (Michael Rudnicki group) Molecular regulation of brown adipogenic lineage specification from muscle stem cells

Co-authors: Hang Yin, Hong Ming, Michael A. Rudnicki

2nd: Terry Suk (Maxime Rousseaux group) Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived small extracellular vesicles as a potential therapeutic for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

Co-authors: Alejandro Caballero, Jean-Louis Parmasad, Steve Callaghan, Stephen Baird, Maxime Rousseaux

3rd: Alvin Tieu (Manoj Lalu and Duncan Stewart group) Are mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles a promising cell-free therapy? A comprehensive systematic review of preclinical methodology and outcomes

Co-authors: Manoj M Lalu, Duncan J Stewart, Mitchell Slobodian, Dean A Fergusson, Joshua Montroy, Dylan Burger, David S Allan

4th: Nicholas Cober (Duncan Stewart group) Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived small extracellular vesicles as a potential therapeutic for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

Co-authors: Alvin Tieu, Yupu Deng, Katelynn Rowe, Manoj Lalu, Duncan J. Stewart

Master’s Students and Residents Poster Competition

Clinical: David Massicotte-Azarniouch (Greg Knoll group) The association of blood transfusions with adverse graft outcomes in kidney transplant patients: a retrospective cohort study.

Co-authors: Manish M. Sood, Dean A. Fergusson, Michaël Chassé, Alan Tinmouth, Greg Knoll

1st: Wensheng Tian (Ryan Russel group) Analysis of Autophagy Induction Through Detection of ATG16L1 Phosphorylation

Co-authors: Reham Alsaadi, Zhihao Guo, Alena Kalinina, Micaël Carrier, Marie-Eve Tremblay, Baptiste Lacoste, Diane Lagace, Ryan C. Russell

2nd: Haley Geertsma (Maxime Rousseaux group) Elucidating the pathogenic role of nuclear alpha-synuclein in a novel mouse model of Parkinson’s disease

Co-authors: Haley Geertsma, Steve Callaghan, Maxime Rousseaux

3rd: Hayam Bassam (Catherine Tsilfidis group) Phenotype characterization of Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy mouse models

Co-authors: Adam Baker, Pamela Lagali, Douglas Wallace, Catherine Tsilfidis

4th: Aoife Reilly (Rashmi Kothary group) Characterization of Neurofilament Light Chain as a Potential Blood Biomarker for Spinal Muscular Atrophy 

Co-authors: Simon Thebault, Marc-Olivier Deguise, Ariane Beauvais, Jodi Warman Chardon, Daniel Tessier, Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Rashmi Kothary

Undergraduate Students Poster Competition

Jean-Louis Parmasad (Maxime Rousseaux group) Reducing Pfkt1 as a therapeutic approach to decreasing alpha-Synuclein levels

Co-authors: Haley Geertsma, Steve Callaghan, Maxime Rousseaux

Dr. Goodman Cohen Summer Student Award

Grace Fox (Dean Fergusson and Manoj Lalu group) Building a platform for meaningful patient partnership to accelerate “bench-to-bedside” translation of promising new therapies"

Research Day Committee and Volunteers:

Dr. Paul Albert (Co-chair), Dr. Lauralyn McIntyre (Co-chair), Dr. Anouk Fortin, Dr. Tim Ramsay, Dr. Jay Baltz, Dr. Ketul Chaudhary, Jennifer Ganton, Dr. Luc Sabourin, Amelia Buchanan, Dr. Angela Crawley, Dr. Ian Lorimer, Dr. Duncan Stewart, Jennifer Valentino, Greg Canham, Heidi Hickey, Natasha Hollywood, Jaahnavi Dave, Melanie Genereaux, Adrienne Szalamin, Wayne Lowe, Terri Van Gulik


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