New scientist profile: Dr. Lisa Caulley aims to find the best care for ear, nose and throat disorders

October 21, 2020

 “I want to find the best care for the lowest cost for ear, nose and throat disorders,"- Dr. Lisa CaulleyDr. Lisa Caulley aims to help her colleagues make the best care decisions for ear, nose and throat disorders. New techniques and treatments are constantly being developed to treat these complex conditions, but it is not always clear which will work best for a particular patient.

Conscious of the rising costs of healthcare, Dr. Caulley’s research also considers which treatment options are the most cost-effective. Her current focus is neuroendocrine tumours in the brain, which can be treated either with medication or with surgery. She is developing evidence-based decision tools to help physicians determine which treatment to recommend to their patients. 

 “I want to find the best care for the lowest cost for ear, nose and throat disorders," she says.

As part of The Ottawa Hospital’s Centre for Journalology, Dr. Caulley is also studying how researchers can publish well, so their findings reach those who can benefit. She also sits on the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee, which helps recommend which health care services and devices should be publicly funded by the Ontario government. She was also first author on a recent study comparing a Canadian-made spit test for COVID-19 with a traditional swab test.

Dr. Caulley was recently appointed as an associate scientist in the Clinical Epidemiology Program at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. She is an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon at The Ottawa Hospital, and an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa.

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