Startup company Virica Biotech aims to enhance production of viral medicines

October 4, 2021

Virica Biotech, a startup company founded by Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo, announced a major funding milestone and the grand opening of its new process innovation facility this month.

“Most of the successful new treatments for fighting cancer, rare diseases, and infections are made possible because of advances in viral medicines and now demand for these new therapies is outpacing production,” said Dr. Diallo. “This investment accelerates our capacity to help companies and organizations overcome production shortfalls and improve the efficiencies of their viral-based therapies, cell therapies, and vaccine candidates.” 

Many local leaders and stakeholders participated in the virtual launch, including the Mayor of Ottawa. “We’re very proud that Virica was founded at The Ottawa Hospital,” said Dr. Duncan Stewart. “Ottawa is a growing hub for life sciences and biomanufacturing, and it will only grow stronger with new companies such as Virica.” Learn more.

The Ottawa Hospital is a leading academic health, research and learning hospital proudly affiliated with the University of Ottawa and supported by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. 

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Jenn Ganton