Cannabis for cancer-related symptoms: actively recruiting patients for clinical trial

December 6, 2021

Cannabis oil graphicThis new study will research if cannabis oils are effective in treating symptoms related to your cancer or cancer treatment.

Your participation will include:

  • Completion of consent and symptom questionnaires (1 – 2 hours)
  • Daily questionnaires and diaries (10 – 15 minutes/day)
  • Phone calls from a study nurse ( ~ 30 minutes/week)
  • Commitment to take cannabis oils daily for 16 – 48 days
  • Follow-up Visits (~4 times)

Please note that driving a vehicle while participating in this study is not recommended

To qualify for participation:       

  • You are at least 19 years old
  • Your symptom(s) are expected to be stable throughout the duration of the study
  • You are willing to commit to not taking cannabis in any form other than the study products for the duration of the study
  • You are accessible by telephone.
  • Your symptoms are related to your cancer or cancer-treatment
  • You are willing to commit to not operating a vehicle or heavy machinery for the duration of the study

You will be unable to participate if:

  • Your current medical condition or medications are likely to change in the next 1-2 months
  • You have a history of psychosis or an active psychiatric disorder
  • You are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or currently breastfeeding
  • You are on another clinical trial or expect to start one prior to study completion
  • You have mouth ulcers
  • You have a known allergy to cannabis, olive oil, or coconut oil

If you are interested in participating or for more information, please contact the research nurse coordinator:

Stephanie Downar 
613-798-5555 x19539

In partnership with: