Meet brain researcher Julie Ouellette

April 25, 2022

Julie Ouellette is breaking new ground in neuroscience.

"The main topic of my research is to study how the brain blood vessels contribute to autism spectrum disorder

What motivates me to do this research is that it’s an up-and-coming area. Studying brain blood vessels in neurodevelopmental disorders is still in its infancy. That being said, identifying new targets or new players can not only lead to new treatments to address core symptoms, but improve a person’s life throughout their entire lifespan.

The favorite part of my job is really all the learning opportunities, all the techniques that I get to learn but I can also apply to my project. I think that’s one of the major perks when working in research.

Looking in the microscope and seeing something different is enlightening, it’s inspiring, and it’s so motivating when working in the lab, because you’re seeing all these new information and you just want to get your message out into the world after that.

If my work were to help people with autism, it would be the best feeling, I couldn’t even describe how that would feel. Just knowing that I was able to help somebody, even just one person, is kind of what we’re aiming for here at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa."

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