Outstanding research on display at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 23rd annual Research Day

November 17, 2023

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 23rd annual Research Day was a great success!

Designed to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of trainees and promote scientific interaction, the event featured 125 posters, 15 oral presentations, and three finalists in the Elevator Pitch Competition.

The event also included special presentations from Dr. Michael D. Hill (Grimes Lecture), Dr. Alvin Tieu (Worton Researcher-in-Training Award), Dr. Colleen Webber (Clinical and Applied Health Researcher-in-Training Award) and Carol Hill (patient speaker).

Prizes were awarded to the following students and postdoctoral fellows:

Oral presentation competition

Winners of the oral presentations and people's choice poster awards. Clinical: Stephen McCarthy (Peter Tanuseputro group) Association between cannabis policy changes in Ontario and anxiety ED visits involving cannabis Co-authors: Laurent Perrault-Sequeira, Michael Pugliese, Daniel T. Myran

1st: Monique Almeida (Rashmi Kothary group) Mir-145 deficiency enhances remyelination and recovery in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis Co-authors: Samantha Kornfeld, Yves De Repentigny, Rebecca Yaworski, Ariane Beauvais, Sabrina Gagnon, Rashmi Kothary

2nd: Carolanne Caron (Salmaan Kanji group) Environmentally Sustainable Opportunities for Health Systems: Metered-Dose Inhaler Prescribing, Dispensing, Usage and Waste at The Ottawa Hospital Co-authors: Shellyza Sajwani, Katherine Bateman, Owen Degenhardt, Mathilde Gaudreau-Simard, Smita Pakhale, Salmaan Kanji

3rd: Romina Fakhraei (Darine El-Chaâr group) The Burden of Infant Group B Streptococcus Disease in Ontario, Canada: a Population-Based Cohort Study Co-authors: Deshayne Fell, Darine El-Chaâr, Nisha Thampi, Beate Sander, Kevin Brown, Natasha Crowcroft, Shelly Bolotin, Jon Barrett, Elizabeth Darling, Nahuel Fittipaldi, Theresa Lamagni, Allison McGeer, Michelle Murti, Manish Sadarangani, Kevin Schwartz, Abdool Yasseen, Sarah Teatero, Matthew Tunis, Kumanan Wilson

Postdoctoral and clinical fellow poster competition

Winners of poster awards, Goodman Cohen award and elevator pitch competition Clinical: Krystal Kehoe MacLeod (Peter Tanuseputro group) Comparing assisted living governance structures in Ontario and British Columbia and implications for care integration. Co-authors: Eunice Hammond, Peter Tanuseputro

1st: John Cordova (David Picketts group) The chromatin remodeler ATRX regulates entorhinal cortex identity, laminar organization, and circuitry with the hippocampus. Co-authors: Edward Sun, Valerie Cardin, Kelly Xu, Érik Harvey-Girard, Natasha Keshavjee, Jing Wang, Leonard Maler, Jean-Claude Beique, David J. Picketts

2nd(tie): Marie Marotel (Michele Ardolino group) An in vitro screen to identify the drivers of NK cell dysfunction. Co-authors: Chiara Di Censo, Reem Kurdieh, Jonathan Hodgins, Olivia Makinson, Giuseppe Sciumè,  Michele Ardolino

2nd(tie): Derek Hall (Michael Rudnicki group) Investigating the influence of pro-inflammatory cancer-conditioned media on muscle satellite stem cell polarity. Co-authors: Michael Rudnicki

3rd: Ewa Henckel (Bernard Thébaud group) On the road for the right model – 2-Hit acute lung injury model in neonatal piglets. Co-authors: Doreen Engelberts, Shumei Zhong, Marc-Olivier Deguise, Arul Vadivel, Bernard Thébaud

PhD student poster competition

Clinical: Emma Gerber (Benjamin Tsang group) Patient engagement in preclinical ovarian cancer research: reflections from a graduate student. Co-authors: Donna Pepin, Yelena Aizenberg, Grace Fox, Dylan Burger, Benjamin K. Tsang, Manoj Lalu

1st: Marie Esper (Michael Rudnicki group) Lack of Dystrophin disrupts fetal muscle stem cell polarity and commitment during secondary myogenesis. Co-authors: Alex Lin, Michael A. Rudnicki

2nd: Jaahnavi Dave (John Bell group) A two-in-one viral vector: Engineering oncolytic vaccinia virus to express lentiviral particles. Co-authors: Carolina Ilkow, John Bell

3rd: Henna Mistry (Rebecca Auer group) Replicating postoperative immunosuppression in human primary NK cells in an ex vivo model. Co-authors: Marlena Scaffidi, Rebecca Auer

4th: Yalun Zhu (Barbara Vanderhyden group) Loss of LATS1 and LATS2 enhances stemness and promotes the formation of an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment in ovarian cancer. Co-authors: Atefeh Abedini, Barbara Vanderhyden

Master’s student, medical students and residents poster competition

Clinical: Emma Ruby (Mark Walker group) Survey Study Exploring Patient and Provider Interest in Participating in a Clinical Trial Exploring Timing of Delivery for Patients with Gestational Diabetes Co-authors: Serine Ramlawi, Alexa C Bowie, Stephanie T Boyd, Alysha LJ Dingwall-Harvey, Ruth Rennicks White, Darine El-Chaâr, Mark C Walker

1st: Eva Kuhar (Manoj Lalu group) Investigating Biological Sex Differences in a Preclinical Model of Acute Lung Injury: A Comprehensive Approach Involving a Knowledge Synthesis, Pilot Studies, and a Multilaboratory Study Co-authors: Doreen Engelberts, Forough Jahandideh, Manoj Lalu, Duncan J Stewart

2nd: Stephanie Lofaro (Michael Rudnicki group) Myogenic regulatory factor Myf5 governs satellite cell fate during adult skeletal muscle regeneration Co-authors: Bahareh Hekmatnejad, Michael Rudnicki

3rd: Olivia Piccolo (Barbara Vanderhyden group) Exploring how BRCA Mutations in Ovarian Fibroblasts Create a Niche for Cancer Growth Co-authors: Het Vaishnav, Barbara Vanderhyden

4th: Celine Fawagreh (Bernard Thébaud group) Defining the optimal mesenchymal stromal cell product for treating hyperoxia-induced lung injury Co-authors: Chanèle Cyr-Depauw, Bernard Thébaud

Undergraduate poster competition

1st (tie) Alex Lee (Peter Tanuseputro group) Exploring the lived experiences of family physician-patient language discordance and perceptions of associated impacts on end-of-life care across Ontario Co-authors: Seung Heyck Lee, Maya Gibb, Sathya Karunananthan PhD, Margaret Cody, Peter Tanuseputro, Sharon Johnston, Claire Kendall, Daniel Bedard, Stephanie Collin, Krystal Kehoe MacLeod

1st (tie) Pooyan Sekhavati (Yuqi Gu group) The Use of Simulation in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Training: A Canadian National Survey Co-authors: Reva Ramlogan, Jon Bailey, Cole Etherington, Sylvain Boet, Yuqi Gu Y

Elevator pitch competition 

Winner: Anabella Nakhle (Jing Wang group) The new neuronal fertilizer: metformin!

People’s choice poster awards

Sarah Maclean (Simon Hatcher group) Protocol for an interdisciplinary scoping review of interventions to support victims of human trafficking Co-authors: Nicole E. Edgar, Simon Hatcher

Sarita Cuadros -Sanchez (Michael Rudnicki group) Investigating the role of AAK1 depletion in regeneration and polarization of satellite cells Co-authors: Kasun Kodippili, Michael Rudnicki

Jaahnavi Dave (John Bell group) A two-in-one viral vector: Engineering oncolytic vaccinia virus to express lentiviral particles Co-authors: Carolina Ilkow, John Bell

Nana Frimpong (Curtis Cooper group) Demographic Characteristics of Hepatitis B-Infected Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in Canada Co-authors: Saniya Tandon, Alexa Keeshan, Curtis L. Cooper

Goodman Cohen summer student awards

Senior: Aysha Aftab (Eve Tsai group) Characterizing the differentiation capacity of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived brain neural stem/progenitor cells in extended culture Co-authors: Ahmad Galuta, Adela Gottardi, Roxana Shamsi, Anamaria Murgoska, Harleen Kaur, Eve Tsai

Junior: Emily Thompson (Barbara Vanderhyden group) Investigating the Role of Transglutaminase 2 in Macrophage Polarization and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in Ovarian Cancer Co-authors: Dalia Ibrahim, Barbara Vanderhyden

Research Day Committee

Dr. Paul Albert (Co-chair), Dr. Justin Presseau (Co-chair), Dr. Jay Baltz, Amelia Buchanan, Dr. Angela Crawley, Chanèle Cyr Depauw, Jaahnavi Dave, Jenn Ganton, Leah Labib, Dr. Ian Lorimer, Nathaniel Noblett, Dr. Tim Ramsay, Dr. Luc Sabourin, Dr. Duncan Stewart, Jennifer Valentino

Volunteers: Nicol Lum, Lucy Sangani, Erin Hicke, Colleen Ford