Toronto area donor contributes $1 million to support lung cancer research in Ottawa

April 27, 2007

Lung cancer is the most lethal of all cancers. Ottawa is leading the fight for cancer survivorship through groundbreaking research.

Barbara Joan Sealy passed away from lung cancer on May 21, 2002. To her family, Joan’s name was always associated with achievement and it is their great hope that through the creation of this Chair, in her name, they can look forward to just that – achievement – in an area that deserves much more attention than has been devoted to it in the past. They feel that the research activities of this new chair, combined with a close association with the Lung Cancer Diagnostic Unit, will offer a unique opportunity to make a major move forward in the area of early diagnosis, successful treatment and, ultimately, prevention of lung cancer.

“Our family wishes to increase awareness, early detection and improve the prevention of lung cancer by supporting this chair,” said David Sealy. “My late wife never smoked, ate well, exercised and took care of herself. She was the healthiest person I knew, but lung cancer still took her life. It is our wish to support Doug Gray’s work to help understand and uncover the underlying causes of lung cancer to prevent its occurrence,” he continued.

Dr. Doug Gray will be the first chair-holder. Dr. Gray will work with a variety of experts-- clinicians in The Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre, scientists at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and with academics at the University of Ottawa and its Faculty of Medicine. “My research focuses on the molecular changes that occur during aging, and how these changes may predispose the individual to diseases of aging—especially lung cancer,” says Dr. Gray.

“We are very proud of the world-class research that is being conducted at the University of Ottawa, in conjunction with our partners like the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and The Ottawa Hospital,” said Gilles Patry, President of the University of Ottawa. “Doug Gray’s groundbreaking research will hopefully lead one day to earlier diagnosing and potential treatments for lung cancer.”

“It is thanks to the vision and generosity of people like David Sealy, and the dedication and perseverance of scientists like Doug Gray that we are making strides in the fight for cancer survivorship. Our Foundation is proud to have played a role in bringing these people together” said Linda Eagen, President of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is the voice of the cancer community and the gateway to action for those who want to make a difference in the fight for cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario.

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