Dr. Ian Lorimer investigates approaches for converting brain cancer stem cells into a more treatable form

August 30, 2013

Cancer researchers are looking at one of the most common cancer-associated genes in a totally new light, thanks to new research led by Dr. Ian Lorimer. Dr. Lorimer’s study concerns the PTEN gene, which is deleted in more than 90% of brain cancers, as well as in many other kinds of cancer. Dr. Lorimer found that loss of the PTEN gene leads to inactivation of a protein called Lgl1. This plays a key role in maintaining brain cancer cells in a stem cell-like state that is resistant to therapy. In the study, Dr. Lorimer also used several laboratory approaches to convert brain cancer stem cells from TOH patients into a less dangerous and more treatable form.

See Oncotarget for details.

Funders: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

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