Government of Ontario provides $10M boost for regenerative and biological therapeutics research in Ottawa

June 17, 2015

The Government of Ontario officially announced the results of the Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence competition, including successful grants led by Drs. Duncan Stewart and John Bell. Dr. Stewart’s project, worth $3.5M, aims to develop genetically enhanced stem cell therapies for diseases that affect the heart and lungs. Dr. Stewart is currently leading the first clinical trial in the world of this kind of therapy for heart attack. Dr. Bell’s project, also worth $3.5M, aims to develop innovative manufacturing processes to accelerate the testing and commercialization of biotherapeutics such as cancer-fighting viruses, vaccines and antibodies. Biotherapeutics co-developed by Dr. Bell are currently being tested in clinical trials. The Government of Ontario also announced matching funds for the recently announced Canada Foundation for Innovation grants, including $2.9M for Dr. Michael Rudnicki’s project on stem cell epigenetics and therapeutics. And finally, a $100,000 Ontario Early Researcher Award was announced for Dr. Janet Squires. Her project focuses on understanding context in knowledge translation.

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