Ottawa stroke researchers awarded nearly $500,000

June 17, 2015

The HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery has awarded nearly $500,000 for a number of stroke research projects in Ottawa. Dr. Paul Albert had the top-ranked grant in the competition (and won the Dr. Tony Hakim Stroke Research Award) for his proposal on post-stroke depression, which afflicts a large proportion of stroke patients. This project will examine whether antidepressants, exercise or both promote recovery from post-stroke depression using a newly developed mouse model. Dr. Albert will also determine how these treatments affect brain activity and will examine light stimulation as a possible new approach to promote more rapid and effective recovery. Grants were also awarded to Drs. Dar Dowlatshahi and Dale Corbett (iPad intervention for post-stroke depression), David Picketts (brain repair and recovery after stroke), William Stanford (patient-derived neural cells for post-stroke transplant), Mario Tiberi (improving stroke recovery with exercise and drugs) and Jing Wang (neural stem cells to enhance post-stroke recovery). Each grant is worth $50,000, with an extra $20,000 for the Hakim Award. A number of trainees also received awards from the HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery.

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