University of Ottawa supports health research through creation of three new Chairs:
University Health Research Chairs will support research in emergency medicine, neuromuscular disorders, and gene regulation

September 6, 2006

Dr. Mona Nemer, Vice President of Research at the University of Ottawa, is pleased to announce the creation of three new University Health Research Chairs, to be held at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), a university-affiliated institute at The Ottawa Hospital.

The Chairs have been awarded to Drs. Ian Stiell, Rashmi Kothary, and Robert Haché.

Dr. Ian Stiell is a scientist and emergency medicine physician. His guidelines for diagnosing ankle, knee, head, and spine injuries have improved health care and saved millions of dollars at The Ottawa Hospital and around the world. He is also leading projects that will determine the most successful approaches for resuscitating patients prior to hospital admission.

Dr. Rashmi Kothary is a laboratory scientist studying neuromuscular diseases. Dr. Kothary has identified a gene critical for maintaining neuron and muscle function, and his work has revealed new insights into the molecular processes underlying Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Dr. Robert Haché is a laboratory scientist studying how genetic material is regulated. His work has shed light on how cells repair potentially cancer-causing DNA damage, and how hormones involved in obesity regulate gene expression.

“At the University of Ottawa, health research is both a great strength and a top priority,” said Dr. Nemer. “The stable funding provided by these Chairs will ensure that our medical students and research trainees continue to have access to the top professors in their field and that our community benefits from the presence of leading clinicians as well as the latest developments in health care.”

The University Health Research Chairs come with salary support for five years, provided by a partnership of the University of Ottawa, its Faculty of Medicine, and the OHRI.

“Our research partnership is already very strong and productive,” said Dr. Jacques Bradwejn, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. “This investment will enhance it even further.”

“We are exceptionally pleased with the University of Ottawa’s strong support for the OHRI and for health research in general,” said Dr. Ron Worton, OHRI CEO and Scientific Director. “These research chairs will ensure that we retain our top scientists and protect their time for research.”

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