Outstanding research on display at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 17th annual Research Day

November 10, 2017

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s 17th annual Research Day was a great success, with over 400 attendees packing the St. Elias Centre to capacity.

Designed to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of trainees and promote scientific interaction, the event featured 177 posters (with 148 competing for prizes) and 15 oral presentations.

Drs. Duncan Stewart, Jack Kitts, Sylvain Charbonneau, Ruth Slack and Fraser Scott set the stage with introductory remarks, while Drs. John P.A. Ioannidis and Marco A. Marra gave the keynote lectures.

Prizes were awarded to the following trainees:

Oral Presentation Competition:

1st: Marissa Lithopoulos (Thébaud group)
Remote Organ Injury: Neural Progenitor Cells Are Impaired in Experimental Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Co-authors: Shumei Zhong, Liqun Xu, Arul Vadivel, Lannae Strueby, Chanèle CyrDepauw, Ruth Slack, Jing Wang, Diane Lagace, Baptiste Lacoste, Bernard Thébaud

2nd: Oliver Varette (Jean-Simon Diallo group)
Exploring Novel Enhancers of Autologous Tumour Vaccine Strategies
Co-authors: Fanny Tzelepis, Mohammed Selman, Andrew Chen, Rebecca Auer & Jean-Simon Diallo

3rd: Larissa Shamseer (Moher group)
Opening Pandora's box: assessing what’s published in predatory journals
Co-authors: David Moher, Kelly D Cobey, Manoj M Lalu, James Galipeau, Marc T Avey, The STudy Reporting In Predatory journals (STRIP) Group

Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellow Poster Competition:

1st: Brittany Glynn (Poulin group)
Understanding High Frequency Use of the Emergency Department (ED) for Chronic Pain Patients: Results from a Qualitative Study exploring Patient Experiences and Cost Effective Health Care Solutions
Co-authors: Madeleine Brule, Heather Romanow, Yaad Shergill, Catherine Smyth & Patricia Poulin

2nd: Atefeh Abedini Najafabadi (Vanderhyden group)
Conditional Inactivation of Lats1/2 in Mouse Ovarian Surface Epithelium Results in High Grade Serous Carcinoma
Co-authors: Omar Salah Salah, Curtis McCloskey, Manijeh Daneshmand, Mayra Tsoi, Derek Boerboom and Barbara Vanderhyden

3rd: Marie-Claude Sincennes (Rudnicki group)
PAX7 function in satellite cells is regulated by acetylation Co-authors: Tabitha Rosembert, Caroline E. Brun, Yoichi Kawabe, Michael A. Rudnicki

PhD and MD/PhD Student Poster Competition:

1st: Samantha Kornfeld (Kothary group)
MiR-145-5p negatively regulates oliodendrocyte differentiation and myelin production – insights into remyelination failure in progressive multiple sclerosis
Co-authors: S.R. Bonin, S. E. Cummings, S. Fathi & R. Kothary

2nd: William Chen (Rudnicki group)
Identification of Small Molecule Modulators of Satellite Stem Cell Asymmetric Division using a Novel In-niche High Content Analysis Platform
Co-authors: Yu Xin (Will) Wang, Michael Rudnicki

3rd: Bratati Saha (Parks group)
Identification of novel pharmacological targets and small molecules inhibiting adenovirus replication
Co-authors: Oliver Varette, Jean-Simon Diallo and Robin J. Parks

Master’s and other trainees Poster Competition (includes medical students, residents, 4th year honours students, co-op students):

1st: Amelia Aitken (Bell group)
New strategies to improve oncolytic virus therapy
Co-authors: Bastin D, Pelin A, Roy D, Huh M, Pikor L, Bourgeois-Daigneault M, Bell J, Ilkow C

2nd: Nathaniel Noblett (Colavita group)
A role for dip-2 (Disco-Interacting Protein 2 homolog) in neuronal migration and maintenance of neuronal morphology.
Co-authors: Zhao Hua Ding, Tony Roenspies, Stephane Flibotte and Antonio Colavita

3rd: Charvi Syal (Wang group)
Epigenetic regulation of lipid metabolism in determining neural stem cell fate
Co-authors: Sailendra Nath Sarma, Matthew Seegobin, Jacob Thomas, Jing Wang

Dr. Goodman Cohen Summer Student Award:

Senior Award: Allyson Banville (Auer group)
Enhancing the Immunogenicity of an Infected Cell Vaccine

Junior Award: Anna Munro (Allan group)
Obstetrical factors associated with increased mobilization of hematopoietic progenitor cells in umbilical cord blood

Research Day Committee and Volunteers:
Dr. Fraser Scott (Chair), Dr. Jay Baltz, Amelia Buchanan, Dr. Marjorie Brand, Dr. Ketul Chaudhary, Dr. Angela Crawley, Dr. Dean Fergusson, Dr. Anouk Fortin, Emma Grigor, Jennifer Ganton, Dr. Ian Lorimer, Dr. Tim Ramsay, Dr. Luc Sabourin, Dr. William Stanford, Dr. Duncan Stewart, Greg Canham, Lynn Crosbie, Kathy Patterson, Melanie Genereaux, Catherine Geci, Wayne Low, Terri Van Gulik


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