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Adrianna Bruni, MSc MD CCFP-PC

Adrianna Bruni

Clinician Investigator, Inflammation & Chronic Disease
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Lecturer, Palliative Care
University of Ottawa

Research Interests

My research interests are primarily focused on provision of non-malignant palliative care. I am currently working on a program evaluation of the novel nephrology- and hepatology-palliative care collaboration clinics at The Ottawa Hospital. I am also working on a review of current palliative care involvement for patients with End-Stage Kidney Disease receiving dialysis. I am involved in a grant for studying a new home-based paracentesis program for patients with End-Stage Liver Disease. 

Brief Biography

I received a BSc (HONS) degree in Biology from Algoma University, followed by a MSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Windsor studying the morning choruses of Ontario birds. I attended medical school at Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and completed Family Medicine residency at Western University. I then acquired an extra year of specialized training in Palliative Care at the University of Ottawa. Since 2020, I have been working within the Division of Palliative Care at The Ottawa Hospital. 

Selected Publications

Lawlor P, Parsons H, Adeli S, Besserer E, Cohen L, Gratton V, Murphy R, Warmels G, Bruni A… Downar J. 2022. Comparative end-of-life communication and support in hospitalised decedents before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a retrospective regional cohort study in Ottawa, Canada. BMJ Open, 12 (6), e062937.

Downar J, Parsons H, Cohen L, Besserer E, Adeli S, Gratton V, Murphy R, Warmels G, Bruni A… Lawlor P. 2022. Bereavement outcomes in family members of those who died in acute care hospitals before and during the first wave of COVID-19: a cohort study. Palliative medicine, 36 (8): 1305-1312.

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