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Feras Al Ghazawi, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCPC, FAAD


Feras Al Ghazawi

Clinician Investigator, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Dermatologist, Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology
The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center
Vital Medical Centre

Research Interests

Brief Biography

Medical Education:
McGill University, Faculty of Medicine

Graduate Education:
PhD Doctorate degree in Immunology - University of Ottawa
Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Medicine/cancer research - University of Ottawa

Post-Graduate Education:
Dermatology residency training, University of Ottawa (Chief resident)

Medical interests:
skin cancer (melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer, cutaneous lymphomas) and dermatologic surgery

Selected Publications

1. Ghazawi FM, Cyr J, Darwich R, Le M, Rahme E, Moreau L, Netchiporouk E, Zubarev A, Roshdy O, Glassman SJ, Sasseville D, Litvinov IV. Cutaneous malignant melanoma incidence and mortality trends in Canada: A comprehensive population-based study. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2019 Feb;80(2):448-459. PMID: 30092328.

2. Ghazawi FM, Le M, Alghazawi N, Rahme E, Moreau L, Netchiporouk E, Zubarev A, Roshdy O, Glassman SJ, Sasseville D, Litvinov IV. Trends in incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Canada: 1992-2010 versus 2011-2015. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2019 Apr;80(4):1157-1159. PMID: 30395916

3. Ghazawi FM, Le M, Lagacé F, Cyr J, Alghazawi N, Zubarev A, Roy SF, Rahme E, Netchiporouk E, Roshdy O, Glassman SJ, Sasseville D, Litvinov IV. Incidence, Mortality, and Spatiotemporal Distribution of Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma Cases Across Canada. J Cutan Med Surg. 2019 Jul/Aug;23(4):394-412. PMID: 31132871

4. Ghazawi FM, Lim M, Dutz JP, Kirchhof MG. Infection risk of dermatologic therapeutics during the COVID-19 pandemic: an evidence-based recalibration. Int J Dermatol. 2020 Sep;59(9):1043-1056. PMID: 32621284

5. Ghazawi FM, Netchiporouk E, Rahme E, Tsang M, Moreau L, Glassman S, Provost N, Gilbert M, Jean SE, Pehr K, Sasseville D, Litvinov IV. Comprehensive analysis of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) incidence and mortality in Canada reveals changing trends and geographic clustering for this malignancy. Cancer. 2017 Sep 15;123(18):3550-3567. PMID: 28493286

Diseases, conditions and populations of interest

Research and clinical approaches