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Jennifer Quizi, PhD
613-737-8899 x75201

What We Do

Our group manufactures biologic or ‘living’ drugs, specifically virus-based therapies.

The goal of the BMC-VMF is to provide our partners both within Canada and abroad, with access to affordable viral therapy development and GMP compliant manufacturing capacity in support of early phase clinical research. We take a collaborative and product-focused approach to each and every project we work on, leveraging our existing, validated processes and technology platforms to develop tailor-made vector manufacturing solutions.

As a contract development and manufacturing organization and Core Facility of the OHRI, our focus is on process innovation- discovering new and better ways to manufacture different types of viruses such that they are suitable and safe to be tested in the clinic. To ensure continued, affordable access to the therapeutic viruses we make, we invest in developing new manufacturing innovations like customized cell lines, to maximize virus yields and therefore reduce the cost associated with their manufacture.

Currently, biologics are among the most costly and complex therapies to make. They require specialized facilities and equipment, with long process durations, expensive raw materials and most importantly, a team of highly qualified personnel (HQP). In the field of biologics, the process IS the product, and since the process isn’t possible without the people, our group understands first-hand, the need to actively participate in the training of the next generation of biomanufacturing HQP. This is why we are home to the first-ever, hands-on biomanufacturing training opportunity in Canada called CanPRIME. Much like the innovations we support, we work closely with our partners, in this case our students, to customize this training program to continually meet the needs of our students and the bio sector in Canada.

To learn more about my group’s capacity and types of products we manufacture, please visit the BMC’s website.


Selected Publications

1 - Natasha Kekre, Kevin Anthony Hay, John R Webb, Ranjeeta Mallick, Miruna Balasundaram, Mhairi K Sigrist, Anne-Marie Clement, Julie S Nielsen, Jennifer Quizi, Eric Yung, Scott D Brown, Lisa Dreolini, Daniel D Waller, Julian Smazynski, Nicole S Gierc, Bianca C Loveless, Kayla Clark, Tyler Dyer, Richard Hogg, Leah Mccormick, Michael Gignac, Shanti Bell, D Maria Chapman, David Bond, Siao Yong, Rachel Fung, Heather M Lockyer, Victoria Hodgson, Catherine Murphy, Ana Subramanian, Evelyn Wiebe, Piriya Yoganathan, Liana Medynski, Dominique C Vaillant, Alice Black, Sheryl Mcdiarmid, Michael Kennah, Linda Hamelin, Kevin Song, Sujaatha Narayanan, Judith A Rodrigo, Stefany Dupont, Terry Hawrysh, Justin Presseau, Kednapa Thavorn, Manoj Lalu, Dean A Fergusson, John Cameron Bell, Harold Atkins, Brad H Nelson and Robert Holt (2022) “ CLIC-01 Clinical Trial: Manufacture and Distribution of Non-Cryopreserved CAR-T Cells for Patients with CD19 Positive Hematologic Malignancies”

2 - Donald Bastin; Jennifer Quizi; Michael A Kennedy;?Rebecca?C Auer;?Natasha?Kekre (2022)
“Current Challenges in the Manufacture of Clinical Grade Autologous Whole Cell Vaccines for Hematologic Malignancies”. Cytotherapy. In Press

3 - Quizi, J and Megan Mahoney (2020) Canadian Science Policy Centre, 2020 Conference Editorial, “CanPRIME- A Novel and Necessary Model for Integrated Training to Support Canada’s Biomanufacturing Ecosystem”.

Meet the BMC VMF Group

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Our team is made up of 35 full-time employees with expertise in areas ranging from process and assay development, GMP-compliant production, quality control, quality assurance, and facilities and project management. Since 2019, every May to December we are also joined by five co-op students who are selected from the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, and Algonquin College, as part of the CanPRIME training program.