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Kelly Carroll
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Selected Publications

1. Brehaut, J.C., Colquhoun, H.L., Eva, K.W., Carroll, K., Sales, A., Michie, S., Ivers, N., Grimshaw, J.M. (2016). Practice feedback interventions: 15 suggestions for optimizing effectiveness.  Annals of Internal Medicine, 164(6):435-41.

2. Brehaut, J.C., Carroll, K., Elwyn, G., Saginur, R., Kimmelman, J., Shojania, K., Syrowatka, A., Nguyen, T., Fergusson, D.  (2015).  Elements of informed consent and decision quality were poorly correlated in informed consent documents.  Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 68(12):1472-80.

3. Brehaut, J.C., Carroll, K., Elwyn, G., Saginur, R., Kimmelman, J., Shojania, K., Syrowatka. A., Nguyen, T., Hoe, E., Fergusson, D. (2012). Informed consent documents do not encourage good quality decision making. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 65: 708-724.

4.  Brehaut, J.C., Eva, K.W. (2012). Building theories of knowledge translation interventions: use the entire menu of constructs. Implementation Science, 7:114.

5.  Brehaut, J.C., Garner, R.E., Miller, A.R., Lach, L.M., Klassen, A.F., Rosenbaum, P.L., Kohen, D.E. (2011).  Changes over time in the health of caregivers of children with health problems: Growth curve findings from a 10-year Canadian population-based study. American Journal of Public Health,101(12): 2308-2316.

6.  Colquhoun, H.L., Brehaut, J.C., Sales, A., Ivers, N., Grimshaw, J., Michie, S., Carroll, K., Chalifoux, M., Eva, K.W. (2013).  A systematic review of the use of theory in randomized controlled trials of audit and feedback. Implementation Science, 8:66.

7.  Brehaut , J.C., Fergusson, D., Kimmelman, J., Shojania, K., Saginur, R., Elwyn, G. (2010). Using decision aids may improve informed consent for research. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 31(3): 218-220
8.  Brehaut, J.C., Graham, I.D., Wood, T.J., Taljaard, M., Eagles, D., Lott, A., Clement, C., Kelly, A.M., Mason, S., Stiell, I.G. (2010). Measuring acceptability of clinical decision rules: validation of the Ottawa acceptability of decision rules instrument (OADRI) in four countries. Medical Decision Making, 30(3).

9.  Brehaut, J.C., Kohen, D.E., Raina, P., Walter, S.D., Russell, D.J., Swinton, M., O'Donnell, M., Rosenbaum, P. (2004). The health of primary caregivers of children with cerebral palsy: How does it compare to other Canadian caregivers? Pediatrics, 114(2): e182-91.



Listings from The Ottawa Hospital Library

This lists the 20 most recent publications in The Ottawa Hospital's Library database from this researcher.This database only starts tracking a researcher's publications once they start working at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

Goldstein, CE; Weijer, C; Brehaut, JC; Fergusson, DA; Grimshaw, JM; Horn, AR; Taljaard, M, 2018 2/27/2018, Ethical issues in pragmatic randomized controlled trials: a review of the recent literature identifies gaps in ethical argumentation, BMC MEDICAL ETHICS, 19 ➤ view abstract

Stiell, IG; Perry, JJ; Brehaut, J; Brown, E; Curran, JA; Emond, M; Hohl, C; Taljaard, M; McRae, AD, 2018, How to conduct implementation trials and multicentre studies in the emergency department, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE, 20, 3, 448-452 ➤ view abstract

McRae, AD; Perry, JJ; Brehaut, J; Brown, E; Curran, J; Emond, M; Hohl, C; Taljaard, M; Stiell, IG, 2018, Engaging emergency clinicians in emergency department clinical research, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE, 20, 3, 443-447 ➤ view abstract

Atwere, P; McIntyre, L; Carroll, K; Hayes, T; Brehaut, JC, 2018, Informed Consent Documents Used in Critical Care Trials Often Do Not Implement Recommendations, CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE, 46, 2 ➤ view abstract

Sandhu, RK; Guirguis, LM; Bungard, TJ; Youngson, E; Dolovich, L; Brehaut, JC; Healey, JS; McAlister, FA, 2018, Evaluating the potential for pharmacists to prescribe oral anticoagulants for atrial fibrillation, CANADIAN PHARMACISTS JOURNAL, 151, 1, 51-61 ➤ view abstract

Andrews, J; Vaillancourt, C; Jensen, J; Kasaboski, A; Charette, M; Clement, CM; Brehaut, JC; Osmond, MH; Wells, GA; Stiell, IG; Grimshaw, J, 2018, Factors influencing the intentions of nurses and respiratory therapists to use automated external defibrillators during in-hospital cardiac arrest: a qualitative interview study, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE, 20, 1, 68-79 ➤ view abstract

Maisonneuve, AR; Witteman, HO; Brehaut, J; Dube, E; Wilson, K, 2018, Educating children and adolescents about vaccines: a review of current literature, EXPERT REVIEW OF VACCINES, 17, 4, 311-321 ➤ view abstract

Maisonneuve, AR; Witteman, HO; Brehaut, J; Dube, E; Wilson, K, 2018, Educating children and adolescents about vaccines: a review of current literature (vol 17, pg 1, 2018), EXPERT REVIEW OF VACCINES, 17, 4

Horn, AR; Weijer, C; Grimshaw, J; Brehaut, J; Fergusson, D; Goldstein, CE; Taljaard, M, 2018, An Ethical Analysis of the SUPPORT Trial: Addressing Challenges Posed by a Pragmatic Comparative Effectiveness Randomized Controlled Trial, KENNEDY INSTITUTE OF ETHICS JOURNAL, 28, 1, 85-117 ➤ view abstract

Colquhoun, HL; Carroll, K; Eva, KW; Grimshaw, JM; Ivers, N; Michie, S; Sales, A; Brehaut, JC, 2017 9/29/2018, Advancing the literature on designing audit and feedback interventions: identifying theory-informed hypotheses, IMPLEMENTATION SCIENCE, 12 ➤ view abstract

Colquhoun, H; Michie, S; Sales, A; Ivers, N; Grimshaw, JM; Carroll, K; Chalifoux, M; Eva, K; Brehaut, J, 2017, Reporting and design elements of audit and feedback interventions: a secondary review, BMJ QUALITY & SAFETY, 26, 1, 54-60 ➤ view abstract

Boet, S; Patey, AM; Baron, JS; Mohamed, K; Pigford, AAE; Bryson, GL; Brehaut, JC; Grimshaw, JM, 2017, Factors that influence effective perioperative temperature management by anesthesiologists: a qualitative study using the Theoretical Domains Framework, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIA-JOURNAL CANADIEN D ANESTHESIE, 6, 581-596 ➤ view abstract

Arim, RG; Miller, AR; Guevremont, A; Lach, LM; Brehaut, JC; Kohen, DE, 2017, Children with neurodevelopmental disorders and disabilities: a population-based study of healthcare service utilization using administrative data, DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICINE AND CHILD NEUROLOGY, 59, 12, 1284-1290 ➤ view abstract

Abdulaziz, KE; Brehaut, J; Taljaard, M; Emond, M; Sirois, MJ; Lee, JS; Wilding, L; Perry, JJ, 2016 8/22/2018, National survey of family physicians to define functional decline in elderly patients with minor trauma, BMC FAMILY PRACTICE, 17 ➤ view abstract

Brehaut, JC; Colquhoun, HL; Eva, KW; Carroll, K; Sales, A; Michie, S; Ivers, N; Grimshaw, JM, 2016 3/15/2018, Practice Feedback Interventions: 15 Suggestions for Optimizing Effectiveness, ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, 164, 6, 435 ➤ view abstract

Perez, MMB; Menear, M; Brehaut, JC; Legare, F, 2016, Extent and Predictors of Decision Regret about Health Care Decisions: A Systematic Review, MEDICAL DECISION MAKING, 36, 6, 777-790 ➤ view abstract

Brehaut, JC; Kohen, DE, 2016, Complexity as a continuum of many health-related challenges, DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICINE AND CHILD NEUROLOGY, 58, 11, 1099-1099

Etchegary, H; Nicholls, SG; Tessier, L; Simmonds, C; Potter, BK; Brehaut, JC; Pullman, D; Hayeems, R; Zelenietz, S; Lamoureux, M; Milburn, J; Turner, L; Chakraborty, P; Wilson, B, 2016, Consent for newborn screening: parents' and health-care professionals' experiences of consent in practice, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS, 24, 11, 1530-1534 ➤ view abstract

Clement, CM; Stiell, IG; Lowe, MA; Brehaut, JC; Calder, LA; Vaillancourt, C; Perry, JJ, 2016, Facilitators and barriers to application of the Canadian C-spine rule by emergency department triage nurses, INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY NURSING, 27, 24-30 ➤ view abstract

Abdulaziz, Kasim; Perry, Jeffrey J; Taljaard, Monica; Emond, Marcel; Lee, Jacques S; Wilding, Laura; Sirois, Marie-Josee; Brehaut, Jamie, 2016, National Survey of Geriatricians to Define Functional Decline in Elderly People with Minor Trauma., CANADIAN GERIATRICS JOURNAL : CGJ, 1 ➤ view abstract

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