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Luke Thomas Lavallée, MDCM, MSc, FRCSC


Administrative Assistant:
Kelly Hillier
Phone: 613-737-8899 x 73019
Email: khiller@toh.ca

The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus
501 ch. Smyth Rd.
Box / C.P. 222
Ottawa, ON
K1H 8L6


Selected Publications

  1. Costa DF; Lavallee LT; Dubois C; Leonard M; Guerra L, (2014 Sep), Are we accurately predicting bladder capacity in infants?, Can Urol Assoc J, Vol.8, Issue 10-Sep, 329-332 -> view abstract
  2. Heimrath OP; Kos Z; Belanger EC; Cagiannos I; Morash C; Gerridzen RG; Lavallee LT; Preston MA; Witiuk K; Breau RH, (2014 Jul), Predicting the Gleason sum of a patient with a prostate biopsy core Gleason /=8, Can Urol Assoc J, Vol.8, Issue 8-Jul, E476-E480 -> view abstract
  3. Lavallee LT; Manuel DC; van Walraven C, (2014 Apr 21), Survival of men with prostate cancer undergoing radical prostatectomy in Ontario, J Urol, Vol.192, Issue 5, 1385-1389 -> view abstract
  4. Lavallee LT; Schramm D; Witiuk K; Mallick R; Fergusson D; Morash C; Cagiannos I; Breau RH, (2014), Peri-Operative Morbidity Associated with Radical Cystectomy in a Multicenter Database of Community and Academic Hospitals, PLoS One, Vol.9, Issue 10, e111281 -> view abstract
  5. Punjani N; Lavallee LT; Momoli F; Fergusson D; Witiuk K; Mallick R; Morash C; Cagiannos I; Breau RH, (2013 May), Blood transfusion and hemostatic agents used during radical cystectomy, Can Urol Assoc J , Vol.7, Issue 6-May, E275-E280 -> view abstract
  6. Bell MD; Lavallee LT; Dahm P; Witiuk K; Breau RH, (2013 Feb), Diagnostic tests in urology: percutaneous biopsy of renal masses, BJU Int, Vol.111, Issue 2, 362-364 -> view abstract
  7. Lavallee LT; Fergusson D; Mallick R; Grenon R; Morgan SC; Momoli F; Witiuk K; Morash C; Cagiannos I; Breau RH, (2013), Radiotherapy after Radical Prostatectomy: Treatment Recommendations Differ between Urologists and Radiation Oncologists, PLoS One, Vol.8, Issue 11, e79773 -> view abstract
  8. Lavallee LT; Desantis D; Kamal F; Blew B; Watterson J; Mallick R; Fergusson D; Morash C; Cagiannos I; Breau RH, (2012 May 15), The association between renal tumour scoring systems and ischemia time during open partial nephrectomy, Can Urol Assoc J, Issue 15-May, 1-8 -> view abstract
  9. Lavallee LT; Fergusson D; Dahm P; Scales CD; Witiuk K; Breau RH, (2012 Dec), Diagnostic tests in urology: urine cytology, BJU Int, Vol.110, Issue 11, E789-E791 -> view abstract
  10. Lavallee LT; Roustan Delatour NL; Cagiannos I; Belanger EC; Mai KT, (2011 Oct), A unique case of a sarcoma arising in a testicular non-seminomatous mixed germ cell tumour with a predominant yolk sac component, Can Urol Assoc J, Vol.5, Issue 5, E81-E83 -> view abstract
  11. Lavallee LT; Montori VM; Canfield SE; Breau RH, (2011 Jul), Advanced topics in evidence-based urologic oncology: Surrogate endpoints, Urol Oncol, Vol.29, Issue 4, 447-453 -> view abstract
  12. Lavallee LT; Fergusson D; Breau RH, (2011 Feb 1), The role of randomized controlled trials in evidence-based urology, World J Urol, Vol.29, Issue 3, 257-263 -> view abstract
  13. Lavallee LT; Breau RH; Preston MA; Raju G; Morash C; Doucette S; Gerridzen RG; Eastham J; Cagiannos I, (2011 Dec), The association between tumour density and prostate cancer recurrence following radical prostatectomy, Can Urol Assoc J, Vol.5, Issue 6, 397-401 -> view abstract
  14. Lavallee LT; Dahm P; Breau RH, (2010 Jun 14), Evidence-based urology in practice: composite endpoints, BJU Int, Vol.106, Issue 5, 610-612
  15. Lavallee LT; Trottier G; Bailly G, (2009 Oct), Ileal conduit stomal hemorrhage as the first presentation of end stage liver disease: case report and review of the literature, Can J Urol, Vol.16, Issue 5, 4863-4865 -> view abstract
  16. Kamal F; Clark AT; Lavallee LT; Roberts M; Watterson J, (2008 Oct), Intravesical foreign body-induced bladder calculi resulting in obstructive renal failure, Canadian Urological Association Journal, Vol.2, Issue 5, 546-548 -> view abstract

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