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Carl van Walraven, MD, FRCPC
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van Walraven C. A comparison of methods to correct for misclassification bias from administrative database diagnostic codes,2018, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY ; 47 (2) : 605-616 > view abstract

van Walraven C, Forster AJ, 2017, The HOMR-now! model accurately predicts 1-year death risk for hospitalized patients on admission, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE; 130 (8) : 991 > view abstract

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van Walraven, C; Forster, AJ, 2018, The TEND (Tomorrow's Expected Number of Discharges) Model Accurately Predicted the Number of Patients Who Were Discharged from the Hospital the Next Day, JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL MEDICINE, 13, 3, 158-163 ➤ view abstract

van Walraven, C, 2018, Bootstrap imputation minimized misclassification bias when measuring Colles' fracture prevalence and its associations using health administrative data, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY, 96, 93-100 ➤ view abstract

McIsaac, DI; Wijeysundera, DN; Huang, A; Bryson, GL; van Walraven, C, 2018, Association of Hospital-level Neuraxial Anesthesia Use for Hip Fracture Surgery with Outcomes A Population-based Cohort Study, ANESTHESIOLOGY, 128, 3, 480-491 ➤ view abstract

Crawford, AB; Nessim, C; Weaver, J; van Walraven, C, 2018, Wait Times for Melanoma Surgery: Is There an Association with Overall Survival?, ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, 25, 1, 265-270 ➤ view abstract

Macdonald, KI; Kilty, SJ; van Walraven, C, 2017 5/8/2018, Development and validation of an administrative data algorithm to identify adults who have endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis, JOURNAL OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY-HEAD & NECK SURGERYview abstract

van Walraven, C; Forster, AJ, 2017, The HOMR-Now! Model Accurately Predicts 1-Year Death Risk for Hospitalized Patients on Admission, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, 8 ➤ view abstract

McIsaac, DI; McCartney, CJL; van Walraven, C, 2017, Effect of Peripheral Nerve Block on Length of Stay after Total Knee Arthroplasty Reply, ANESTHESIOLOGY, 127, 4, 719-720

McIsaac, DI; Huang, A; Wong, CA; Wijeysundera, DN; Bryson, GL; van Walraven, C, 2017, Effect of Preoperative Geriatric Evaluation on Outcomes After Elective Surgery: A Population-Based Study, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN GERIATRICS SOCIETY, 65, 12, 2665-2672 ➤ view abstract

McIsaac, D; Lavallee, LT; van Walraven, C, 2017, A retrospective assessment of prognostication in 456,685 patients undergoing elective major non-cardiac surgery, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIA-JOURNAL CANADIEN D ANESTHESIE, 64, 9, 908-918 ➤ view abstract

Murto, KTT; Katz, SL; McIsaac, DI; Bromwich, MA; Vaillancourt, R; van Walraven, C, 2017, Pediatric tonsillectomy is a resource-intensive procedure: a study of Canadian health administrative data, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIA-JOURNAL CANADIEN D ANESTHESIE, 7, 724-735 ➤ view abstract

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