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Contact Information

Matthew McInnes, MD FRCPC

Matthew McInnes

Clinician Investigator, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Associate Professor, Radiology
University of Ottawa

Research Interests

Dr. McInnes' current areas of research interest are Systematic Reviews and Diagnostic Test Accuracy in imaging.

Dr. McInnes is Deputy Editor for the ''Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging'' and is an Associate Editor for ''Radiology''.

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Brief Biography

Dr. McInnes completed his radiology training at the University of Toronto in 2006, followed by a 1 year clinical fellowship at the University Health Network at the University of Toronto in Abdominal Imaging. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa and is currently the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Director. He works as a Radiologist in the divisions of Abdominal and Chest radiology in the Department of Medical Imaging at the Ottawa Hospital and is a Clinical Investigator in the OHRI Clinical Epidemiology program.  He holds a cross appointment in the School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Ottawa.  He is Deputy Editor for the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Associate Editor for Radiology (both in the area of Evidence-based practice).

Selected Publications

First or Supervising Author Publications:

McInnes MDF, Hibbert RM, Inacio J, Schieda N. Accuracy of Gadoxetic acid enhanced MRI for diagnosis of focal nodular hyperplasia and hepatocellular adenoma: a systematic review. Radiology 2015; published on-line before print May 26, 2015.

McInnes MDF, Bossuyt PMM. Pitfalls of Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses in Imaging Research. Radiology 2015; 277(1), 13-21.

Mcgrath T, McInnes MDF, Korevaar DA, Bossuyt PMM. Diagnostic accuracy meta-analyses in imaging journals: analysis of pooling techniques and their impact on summary estimates of diagnostic accuracy. Radiology 2015; accepted for publication.

Dilauro M, McInnes MDF, Korevaar DA, van der Pol CB, Quon J, Petrcich W, Walther S, Kurowecki D, Bossuyt PMM. Is there an association between STARD statement adherence and citation rate? Radiology 2015; In Press.

Wu M, McInnes MDF, MacDonald DB, Kielar AZ, Duigenan S. Discrepancy rates when interpreting adult computed tomography: systematic review and meta-analysis. Radiology 2014; 270(3) 717-735.

Tunis A, McInnes MDF, Hanna R, Esmail K. Has Completeness and Quality of Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Reporting in Major Radiology Journals changed since publication of the PRISMA Statement? Subtitle: Is completeness of reporting associated with study quality. Radiology 2013; 269(2), 413-426.

Diseases, conditions and populations of interest

Cancer; Colorectal cancer; Gastrointestinal disease; Prostate cancer

Research and clinical approaches

Clinical research; Epidemiology; Health research methods; Imaging; Journalology; Systematic reviews